You can disable the feature in the event that you don’t need it cluttering your desktop.

Subsequent to testing it with Insiders, Microsoft is adding a latest News and Interests feature to Windows 10. To put it plainly, the tool creates a shortcut on the taskbar that permits you to check the weather, as well as catch up on the latest news, sports scores and stock prices. Tapping on a story will open it in a browser. You can likewise save an article for later reading and share it on the off chance that you so want. What you will not find in the feed, in any event not yet, are any advertisements.

Normally, you can tweak the selection of topics you find in your feed, just as the publications Windows uses to source articles. Furthermore, you have some flexibility in how the icon appears on your taskbar. It’s likewise possible to turn off the feature in the event that you would prefer not to see everything.

In adding news and interests to the taskbar, Microsoft says it’s attempting to achieve a modest bunch of goals. To start with, it needs to make finding high-quality and relevant news content easier. Also, the way the company sees it, a great many people as of now have a standard where they’re constantly checking what’s going in on the world for the duration of the day. So why not make that interaction more consistent? Counting an approach to check the climate through Windows is something individuals have been requesting some time too.

Microsoft plans to begin rolling out News and Interests to the Windows taskbar starting throughout the next several weeks. It says it’s taking a “phased and measured approach,” with the whole rollout slated to require a while.