Microsoft Edge may have discovered another way to live up to its name and get an edge over Google Chrome. A newly revealed change to the browser shows that Microsoft is thinking about standing firm against the worst part of the internet: those annoying videos that automatically play on websites. You know, those clasps that no one at any point requested, that make the famous record needle in your brain scratch when they start playing out of no place?

This news comes from Techdows, which notes a change in the Canary (read: pre-beta) form of Chromium-based Edge. Edge has two settings under Media Autoplay: Allow and Limit, and the new form of the program shows that the last is presently the default. To attempt it for yourself, ensure you’re on Edge fabricate 91.0.841.0 or higher.

Cutoff, as you may have deduced, isn’t same to “block.” There was a Block option, however it is presently locked behind a banner you should first enable. Also, it evidently never really worked right. All things considered, this may simply be a test. Beta versions of items frequently show what an organization is thinking about doing, not what it will do over the long run.

All things considered, there’s no justification Edge to not get more genuine about auto-play. On the off chance that Microsoft carried out an advertisement crusade destroying Chrome’s auto-playing recordings, it would likely be the greatest crossroads in its present program’s short history.

In the interim, as Chrome clients know from their day by day encounters utilizing Google’s web browser, that software offers no such default. Perhaps this is on the grounds that Google isn’t anything if not an organization situated in online advertising. It’s not possible for anyone to say without a doubt, as Google itself has not given an reason.

This is (apparently) the latest in a series of endeavors by Microsoft to peck at Chrome’s close restraining infrastructure in the program market. As of late, Edge added vertical tabs for more economic utilization of screen space, and its own password manager too.

All things considered, Edge at present just has 3.45% of the worldwide browser market (as indicated by statcounter) — while Chrome has 64.15%. Or on the other hand to put it another way, Chrome has 18.59 occasions as a very remarkable wedge of the market as Edge. That is a ton of ground to make up.