The United States has a high vaccination rate, with just a small percentage of persons refusing to be vaccinated. Officials continue to compel people to be vaccinated by enforcing various laws in the workplace.

On the one hand, where parents have begun to vaccinate their children, there has been an increase in COVID cases in New Mexico prisons. Despite the fact that the majority of inmates are completely vaccinated, COVID infections are on the rise.

New Mexico Jails Gives Sleepless Nights To The Prison Authorities

The terror of the Covid 19 virus is not new for the prisons and now the State of New Mexico has started to see a surge in the infection amongst prisoners.

New Mexico earlier reported the shortage of medical staff and beds and on the top, the cases are increasing at a very fast speed.

New Mexico Jails Gives Sleepless Nights To The Prison Authorities.

Clayton, according to reports, is a hotspot even when 95 percent of the prisoners are fully vaccinated. In Clayton prison, there are currently 38 active cases. Clayton has the 17th highest rate of COVID infections among all jails and detention centers in the country

The jail vaccination rate is 95%, whereas the entire vaccination rate in New Mexico is 63 percent, which is lower than the prison rate, but the number of cases is increasing every day.

Vaccinations are performing wonders in terms of avoiding sickness and reducing cases outside the gates, but the death toll behind the walls of New Mexico prisons has risen to 28.

The vaccination process is also carried out for prison staff, with New Mexico having the highest immunization rate. Approximately 93 percent of the workers have had their immunizations and are totally protected. 

According to the Correction Department, they will begin educating inmates about the need for vaccinations and will make every effort to vaccinate everyone whenever any new prisoner enters here. This will be advantageous to those who previously refused to be vaccinated. They will now be given another opportunity to be vaccinated.

The Correction Department may also decide to release nonviolent offenders in order to reduce the number of inmates while maintaining social distance. New Mexico had 6,573 prisoners in March 2020, which was decreased to 5,708 in May 2021. The overall population was counted at 5,567 on Monday, which is still below the pre-pandemic level.

Precautions can help limit the number of incidents, as recommended by the CDC. 

Because there is less social distancing being maintained between the prisoners, it is difficult to create a safe environment. The virus is spreading due to a lack of distance between people, and it is harming a vast number of prisoners in the prison. The best advice the CDC can give is to be vaccinated as soon as possible. It is recommended that the masks be worn properly to cover the nose and mouth. After touching anything, including the mask, it’s critical to wash your hands. If a prisoner becomes ill, the correctional officer or staff member should be notified so that medical attention can be provided. According to the CDC, taking these steps can help reduce cases and keep prisoners safe.