Lena knows how to display her creativity through colours and apparel.

Multiple of us plainly sit down and abuse our luck if we ever encounter a health issue that has made us incapable in any way. But not every soul depends on their fortune and shout. Some have the courage to stand up and fight back irrespective of the health condition they are meeting just to live their dreams. Lena is one such powerful woman who made her repute as a fashion influencer even after several chronic health issues.

The story behind the picturesque woman

It’s not blasphemous to describe Lena as a colourful lady as her whole Instagram account seems colourful and radiant. Lena is a fashion influencer and travel, health and fashion blogger. Through her personal blog, she bestows oodles of tips, advice, suggestions and remedies regarding beauty and fashion. Being a travel enthusiast, she appreciates visiting new destinations and snapping photographs there in exotic outfits. Orginally from Ukrain, Lena breathed in the USA since 1996 and presently has a loving and sparkling family life there. Life was not quite hopeful for her, she underwent Lyme disease, CFS, and POTS for years and even was in a wheelchair for several years. For a common person, survival with these complications becomes heavy but Lena didn’t apply her health issue as a justification and kept going. Having cherished fashion and colours all her life, she inspired people through her blingy and shimmering attires and other accessories to be a fashionista. She has around 2 million followers on Instagram and the numbers are progressing every day. She shares her reviews, experiences with different products, and hacks with her followers. Being a lover of natural products, she with her family grows organic fruits and vegetables to get the true flavors. Her precious fashion hacks and tips have been highlighted by many blogs recently.

What she aspires to do?

Being a victim of health upshots for many years, she knows what it exhibits like to be in a wheelchair and going through intolerable pains and wounds. Having been endured such an unpleasant incident, she determined to promote consciousness about health issue specifically the ones she suffered from among people. She additionally craves to pen a book and improve herself more.


Lena has eternally picked colours over words and actions to communicate her thoughts and feelings and that’s what makes her unique and classy.

To have a glimpse of her fashion sense, connect with her on www.instagram.com/panthere_instyle