An Arizona elementary school was summoned to the scene when a parent and two other males reportedly challenged a principal about a kid who had been sent home after coming into touch with someone who had tested positive for COVID-19. It all came open during the time of an interview. During an interview, Diane Vargo, the administrator of Mesquite Elementary School in Tucson, Arizona, said that the father attended the school with his kid and became hostile toward school personnel since the child had been sent home.

Men Are Accused Of Threatening The Principal After A Kid Was Sent Home

She escorted the guy into her office, where he was soon joined by two more males, who arrived about 10 minutes later. Another guy was recording the principal on his mobile phone as the father, and then another man was filming him with black zip ties. In an earlier communication with the parent, the primary school confirmed that his kid and other pupils had been exposed to a person who had tested positive for coronavirus earlier in the day.

Men Are Accused Of Threatening The Principal after a kid was sent home due to COVID-19

Afterward, the group of men arrived at the school and threatened to execute a “citizen’s arrest” on the principal if the kid was not allowed to return to class. According to the Pima County Health Department, children who have been exposed to COVID-19 should remain at home for seven days after the exposure. Students are permitted to return to school if they have not had any symptoms for a week and have tested negative for the virus five days after being placed in isolation.

During the altercation, Vargo requested that the guys leave her office, but they refused to comply. She then phoned the police, but by the time cops arrived, the guys had already gone. But that was not all. As the principal continued, the kid “was witness to everything – the threats, zip ties, aggression, cell phones in my face, and the demands.”She said that she wants to hear about parents’ concerns and that she understands that these are “difficult times” for families in general. Immediately after the encounter, Vargo said she got an outpouring of support, and her workplace is now suffocating under the weight of flowers and messages of encouragement.

“I have to say, the people throughout the country, man, has been so supportive, very kind,” she remarked of the response she has received. To the media’s knowledge, the Tucson Police Department acknowledged that police were sent to the school “because there was a fight developing.” On Thursday, a person was arrested and ticketed for misdemeanor trespassing outside of school grounds. The suspect was later released after being cited and released.

In the wake of the Arizona event, teachers and school administrators throughout the nation have been confronted by outraged parents who have called for fewer pandemic restrictions in schools. During an incident in Austin last month, a parent in Texas is accused of ripping a teacher’s face mask off his or her face.