Meet Meharyar Khan, owner of 1 million page @jokeshub on Instagram. Meharyar began growing niche themed pages on Instagram when he was only 14 years old. After an astonishingly short time, Meharyar was able to generate millions of impressions and grow pages at a quick rate.

Now that he is 24, he has been able to establish a name for himself on Instagram. Khan has a unique eye for viral content. He knows what will do well, and what won’t. What started as a hobby for Khan turned into a very successful business.

In the future, the young entrepreneur will continue to expand his network, create more successful online businesses, and utilize his knowledge of social media and content creation. The upcoming entrepreneur has surprised his peers with the complex amount of work that he can do. His motto is, ”Dream Big and you’ll end up somewhere closer to where you’ve dreamt off”