The multi-faceted young talent’s life trajectory has seen the humongous growth stage in the social media realm.

The last decade or so have been a witness to many self-driven individuals who go out of their way to prove their mettle and end up victorious to such levels that they become a huge benchmark for others to follow. Our very own dependence and recent emergence of social media has been touching all time high. There is absolutely nothing that can’t be on the internet today. A new spectrum of opportunities that new generations are transforming into real businesses guided by real experts. One such ace professional who has been juggling his talents among these domains is Simone from Italy. Simone is a multi-talented individual who feels that he can be “Jack of All” and can play all his roles with sheer passion, dedication, and interest. And he hasn’t disappointed at all!

Simone started his professional career as a model from the tender age of 19. While most of the teenager’s todays want to enjoy their lives more, Simone was waiting to carve his development to fit well in the new entrepreneurial and business world. He finally exploded in the social media realm and has been doing extremely good so far. Just starting into the modelling industry, Simone won second place in the prestigious “Mister Italy” beauty competition and soon moved to Hong Kong for better opportunities where he continued to work as a model as well as a personal trainer. Simone loved making videos for fun and started posting many on social media. Later, he realised that he could turn his love and passion into profession and bought is first camera. A few months later, Simone started focusing on short 10 sec/20 sec videos which allowed him to land many clients that wanted to promote their brand/product on social media platforms. Today, Simone has catered to an elite list of customers which include Mercedes-Benz Hong Kong, Xiaomi, Joby, La Duree and many other reputed firms.

Simone now enjoys a huge following with more than 500k+ followers on TikTok and 100k+ followers on Instagram. He now helps mentoring many other upcoming photo/videographers and shares his valuable insights through high value tutorials on YouTube, TikTok and Instagram. He is also a social media consultant for many brands and teaches photography and social media growth in online courses.