You don’t achieve stardom overnight. It takes a lot of hard work, dedication, and honesty to reach that level. And it’s truly incredible when people accomplish that feat. Mohammad Jasem Alwazzan is a living example who managed to make his way to the top through his dedication to photography. Alwazzan started his career in photography in 1996. Since then, he has helped to promote numerous businesses, including restaurants and hotels in Kuwait.

Improving tourism in Kuwait

Alwazzan did not achieve celebrity status within a few weeks. It took him nearly two decades to grow a broad fan base. Thanks to social media, he can showcase his photos to a larger number of people. Turning to social media was a boon for Alwazzan. He collaborated with various photographers in Kuwait to conduct photo-walks to promote the tourism of his country. With more than 19,300 followers on Instagram, Alwazzan can perform such photo-walks for Kuwait’s benefit and ensure that the photos reach many local and foreign tourists.

Becoming an influencer

Social media gave Alwazzan the power to make his voice heard in Kuwait. Alwazzan often posts his photos of events, foods, and travel stories to inspire people to consider photography a full-time profession. His popularity on social media even got him more than 300 requests to cover events, live shows, and restaurant openings in Kuwait. Apart from such a massive number of invitations, his followers also tag him on posts when they visit places that Alwazzan had seen earlier.

The constant flow of photography requests and social media interactions made him an influencer to people who want to learn more about photography and feel inspired by his works. If you still haven’t checked out his profile, make sure you visit his Facebook page. It contains some of the most beautiful pictures of foods, landscapes, and even objects.

Alwazzan’s skills in event photography also earned him a job as an event manager and photographer at the Porsche Club Kuwait, where he worked for five years. When asked about how he became such a popular name in Kuwait, he said, “I think its destiny brought me here. I never imagined I would get so much love and appreciation from so many people.”

He adds, “All I wanted to do in my life is to take good photographs. I was always fascinated by capturing emotions through my lenses. I am still obsessed with learning about photography. Even when I’m helping my wife or watching a game on TV, my mind constantly thinks about capturing a photo better. It’s this constant process, and hard work that I think reflects in my photos.”

Continuing to make a difference

Alwazzan now works in the Ministry of Information but is also a professional photographer covering various events throughout Kuwait. His time at the MOI has given him multiple opportunities to travel to many exotic locations, thus opening doors to influence people on Instagram through his travel photos.

Being an influencer is a big responsibility. And Alwazzan is handling that responsibility to perfection with his posts on social media that encourage newbie photographers to work hard and achieve their dreams.