Aurelie is a woman of substance who exudes immense passion and grit in life.

It is so easy to give up in times of adversities and lose hope on days that seem too dark, but the ones who stick by it and make it their mission to never give up no matter what are the ones who are the game-changers in the true sense of the word. Many challenges can peg down individuals in their lifetime, but how an individual chooses to face the same, depends a lot on the mindset of the person. We came across a gifted individual and a woman entrepreneur, who with her strong mindset and her strong will chose to rise above all her struggles in life and attain the financial independence she always dreamt of; she is Aurélie-Jung Moron from South Korea, who grew up in Paris, France and became a world globe trotter.

Challenges always surrounded her where Aurelie had to shift to Paris with a French couple who adopted her at the age of four and her younger brother after they lost their biological parents. Since then, Aurelie found happiness even in the littlest of things and showed keen interest in learning everything that came her way. This led her to become an academically bright student knowing dance, piano, theatre, and gymnastics. For her passion in classical music, she even became a classical music agent who promoted young artists and booked them on orchestras and festivals worldwide. Little did she know then, that life would throw at her another challenge. This time, she lost her partner, who passed away a few years ago, making her a single parent to her two kids, where Aurelie had to even give up her career.

However, the financial pressure kept increasing and this urged her to revive her career and start with something new to become a financially independent woman. Network marketing industry showed great potentials for individuals to grow and Aurelie jumped at the opportunity to build her career. Learning through the process, she excelled at it and understood the importance of forex and cryptocurrency education and trading. Her work took her to the top positions in network marketing and helped her make a great name for herself across Europe and worldwide.

She went on to become the business partner and one of the most brilliant leaders of one of the finest Forex and Crypto trading platforms of our time as well as one of a kind digital banking. Just a few months ago to teach leadership mindset and financial education, Aurelie turned into a business mentor and financial educator by launching A.D.N Million-Ère, an exponential community of leaders of the world, whom she coaches through digital mediums and live events with the purpose to fulfill their financial purpose in life. With her coaching and guidance, she helps individuals earn daily percentage and significant incomes. Her dream is to inspire and guide millions of people to become always more free, prosperous and happier.

Aurelie today is a proud woman entrepreneur, who is also a public speaker, motivator, 7 figure top earner, and an inspiration to the world, helping people attain their financial freedom and goals.

To know more about Aurelie you can visit and her instagram page @aureliemoron