The Covid 19 cases in the United States are increasing at a very alarming rate and the medical system has been failing to curb the cases. The hospitals in most of the states and counties are on the urge to collapse. 

The Medical System Collapse With Community Transfer As The Delta Variant At Its Peak

Since the initial case of the delta variant at the end of June 2021, the cases are ever-increasing and have been a major cause for almost 50 percent of the death cases in the United States.

As per the latest data available from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the covid 19 infection cases have crossed 50 million and the death cases have surpassed a whopping 800,000. 

Currently, the seven-day average cases in the United States are more than 120,000 per day and are increasing at a very high rate of 37 percent and have become a major concern for the medical authorities in the US. 

The Federal health officials in the United States have warned the states about the upcoming new wave which can be caused by the delta variant of the Covid 19. This wave will be followed by the Omicron strain and the combination of both will be a disruptive way to collapse the medical system.

This new wave of coronavirus will come in some weeks especially after the Christmas festival holidays as the indoor and outdoor gatherings will be the prime reason for the increasing cases and hospitalization rate leading to more deaths in the nation.

The US CDC has stated that at least a single case of the Omicron variant is available in 25 states and in some, the rate is as high as 15 percent. As of now, 43 confirmed cases are present and approximately 20 cases alone in New York City. 

This new storm can be very harmful to the health of our country, states CDC officials. 

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the Chief Medical Adviser to the Federal Government has stated that there is no single doubt that the community spread of the covid 19 variant is just a few weeks away. 

Last week the Governor of New York City, Kathy Hochul, announced that after detecting  20 cases of the Omicron variant the community spread is near in the state and we have to be very careful now and take all the precautionary measures to safeguard our lives.

President Joe Biden has been continuously urging the American Population to receive vaccines as soon as possible as it will make them eligible for booster shots soon.

The booster shot has been a game-changer in the fight against the different variants of the coronavirus and citizens must follow the eligibility criteria and get the booster shot done.

á¹£Maintaining the proper health of the medical system has been a major challenge for the State governments and healthcare agencies in the US.