The debate in the U. S. over whether the students should wear masks while returning to schools that were just limited to school boards has now shifted its base to courtrooms.

There has been a continuous debate over masks for children returning to schools. Recently lawsuits have been filed in nearly 14 states either for or against masks in schools. The figures of authority enforcing the normal opening of schools with no such restrictions have been found to be fighting against the state leaders. 

How Mask Debate Has Shifted Its Base?

As per the legal experts, state laws normally trump local control. The mask proponents present legal arguments that hold a chance of coming on the top.

How Mask Debate Has Shifted Its Base?

In between the several protests taking place the violence happening, the court protests have just begun. The rules for wearing masks are different for every public school in the nation. Some states require them; others ban mandates. Many more leave it up to individual districts.

Many of the big school districts are ahead in the fight and require masks. They are getting presented in courts and are battling against the governors in Texas, Florida, and Arizona. The parents who are worried about their children suffering are also involved in suing over similar legislative bans on mandates in Utah, Iowa, and South Carolina. 

The core of debate has been formed by the parents who care for their kids and are frustrated or afraid for their children in an unprecedented time.

If you look at the history of cases in the court, you will find that the two big states, that is, Arkansas and Arizona have been centered where the victories have been recorded for mask proponents. The Texas Supreme Court blocked another school mask mandate Thursday while a Florida judge allowed the rules to go forward Friday.

The federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have provided the guidelines for universal mask-wearing in educational institutions. The students who are aged 12 and below are not eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine yet and therefore if they attend the classes, it becomes necessary for them to wear masks every time and stay safe. 

Some Republican mandates who impose restrictions on mask mandates have said that there are downsides to kids wearing masks every time and it should totally be on the parents whether they want to apply the rules on the children as they are less vulnerable to the risk of getting infected. 

The public health experts, on the other hand, say that masks are among one of the best prevention tools for individuals above the age of toddlers and help in staying protected from viruses when worn by a large number of people. Right now, the number of deaths being caused by the spread of coronavirus is increasing day by day. The new cases per day are averaging over 156,000, turning the clock back to the end of January.

With such a long span of pandemics, people have obviously become tired and frustrated with the kind of routine being followed. But, it is for their safety and goodwill that they take care of their children and be sensitive towards their health. They should follow every social distancing norm to protect their children from the deadly virus.