How a young entrepreneur made lemonade out of lemons and scaled his business during a global pandemic. Today his digital agency works to pandemic-proof businesses through three pillars: e-commerce, culture, and community.

Nano Stasiak is no stranger to the hustler lifestyle, in fact, he’s been hustling ever since he was a teenager. Today, the 26-year-old has built an incredible reputation that backs his full-service digital media agency, Impulso Media. The Spanish word impulso, represents meaning, drive and perseverance for Stasiak – and directly translates to momentum in English.

It’s the perfect description of what his company has been able to achieve during the pandemic. They have been gaining an increasing amount of momentum, assisting companies in their transition to the e-commerce space. They are focused on making the transition from offline to online meaningful by maintaining brand integrity, driving engagement, and driving sales.

Previously known as Nano Media, Stasiak was determined to re-brand to show the company’s growth. ‘It’s not all about me anymore, the entrepreneur says, reflecting on the rebrand. ‘We have a team of hyper-on-trend digital marketers who are shaping the company into one of the most forward-thinking agencies out there. I thought the name should reflect that.

In under a year, Impulso Media has achieved greatness for their clients. They’ve rallied $32 million in ad revenue, $8 million in email revenue, and 127 million total social impressions. In a world driven by digital content and conversions – this agency has perfected the art of monetizing brands while maintaining their authenticity.

It doesn’t take long, scrolling through Impulso Media’s Rolodex of clients, to see that the agency deeply understands how to take brands to the next level. The team has worked with a killer lineup of trailblazer brands including Deloitte, Molson Canadian, RedBull, and East Coast Lifestyle. Stasiak is proud to say that the campaigns have left an imprint on their consumers and their communities.

Stasiak has leveraged his network to create meaningful relationships between brands and influencers, at a time when influencer and celebrity endorsements are a regular part of any digital strategy. His work with Shakira, Alexis Ren, NELK, and Demetrius Harmon are humble notches on his belt, as he continues to make noise in the online space.

Stasiak says ‘integrity, authenticity, and community are at the heart of the company, and represent what consumers are looking for. In an article published by McKinsey called, ‘True Gen’: Generation Z and its implications for companies, the global consulting firm unpacks findings from a survey that investigates consumer patterns in Brazil. Campaign Monitor reports on their website that Gen Z accounts for 40% of all customers, and is one of the most powerful consumer forces in the market.

McKinsey found that Gen Z values individual expression, and are motivated by a variety of causes. ‘They believe profoundly in the efficacy of dialogue to solve conflicts and improve the world.

Stasiak’s foundation is perfectly aligned with what consumers want. Doing good in the communities that he works in is something that he lives by, and he works hard to instill and foster this same spirit in his employees. ‘When we’re back in the office, employees will only work half a day on Fridays, his hope is that together, his team can use the other half of the day to do good in their communities. Some initiatives he listed off the top of his head: assisting immigrant business owners with online marketing strategies, volunteering in soup kitchens, bringing donations to collection spots.

Stasiak has spent much of his life travelling in the developing world, and as someone of Latin descent, he has a special spot in his heart for South America. His commitment to giving back to communities in Columbia, where he spent some of his childhood, is something that drives him to be successful in what he does.

‘Our values are on point, he says when he explains why he aims to build a company that employees love working for. ‘If your employees are happy, your clients are happy, something he learned at an early age by following the career of Richard Branson.

‘It doesn’t feel like work! I get to produce kick-ass marketing campaigns and do good in the world. Does it get better than that?! Stasiak has been experiencing pure joy as he watches his team help big and small companies get through one of the biggest challenges they’ve ever faced – digitizing their businesses in fast and effective ways.

The Arborist Store has been an Impulso Media client for two years, they credit the agency with helping them get through the COVID-19 pandemic. ‘We’ve been able to stay engaged with our current customers, unlock new ones, and even increase our online sales amidst the ongoing pandemic! says Danielle Milne, Operations Manager at The Arborist Store.

Nano and his team have embraced ‘the new normal,’ fostering a culture focused on employee happiness and client satisfaction. Yahoo News featured Stasiak, alongside other disruptive entrepreneurs like Elon Musk, as one of the founders who is changing the future of business. In the article titled, 21 Founders Changing The Way We Do Business in 2021, they wrote:

‘After being able to work with Shakira’s charity foundation Pies Descalzos in Colombia, a place Nano was able to call home for four years of his early life, Nano has mastered the art of working from a multitude of locations. From Argentina to Switzerland to Italy — to have fun while working hard, all Nano needs is his hustle mindset, his team and some speedy Wi-Fi.

It’s clear that Stasiak recognizes trends and is able to quickly adapt, strategize and thrive. He brings these skills to every single Impulso Media client. His passion trickles down to his employees and to his clients, leaving all stakeholders with a fresh, fun and positive outcome.

In 2021, businesses and consumers will need to continue to roll with the punches, and in many cases, a reset will be necessary, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel for those who can pivot. Stasiak hopes to contribute to the reset by lending his network, skills and rock-star team to some of the most impactful digital campaigns this year.

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