According to research published Wednesday, in people at risk of developing severe Covid-19 sickness, a low-cost, generically available antidepressant may reduce the occurrence by around a third. Nearly 1,500 Brazilian patients participated in a trial that found individuals who took the drug fluvoxamine had a lower risk of serious disease and hospitalization.

There May Be A Low-Cost Generic Antidepressant That Minimizes Severe COVID

An SSRI, marketed as Luvox, is a class of drug used to treat OCD, depression, and other mental health issues. It is offered under the trade name Luvox. A researcher who worked on the study and published their findings in The Lancet Global Health, Dr. Angela Reiersen, feels it may have an impact on inflammation.

There May Be A Low-Cost Generic Antidepressant That Minimizes Severe COVID

When it comes to SARS-CoV-2 infection, Reiersen says that fluvoxamine “may reduce the production of inflammatory molecules known as cytokines.” The medicine may lower blood platelets, which could have an effect on the clotting effects of coronavirus infection.

Fluvoxamine 100 mg was given twice daily for 10 days to 741 patients receiving Covid-19 by Reierson and colleagues, while a placebo was given to 756 participants.

According to the study, about 11% of individuals who received fluvoxamine had to go to the ER or hospital, compared to about 16% of those who received placebos. The absolute risk was down by 5%, but the relative risk was down by 32%.

If the drug should be used in coronavirus treatment regimens, more research is needed. However, it is a relatively inexpensive option. According to the study’s authors, a 10-day treatment of fluvoxamine costs roughly $4 even in well-resourced settings.

No cure exists, but medicine that prevents patients from having to go to the hospital would be beneficial even if there were none.

There is a possibility that these findings could have an impact on national and international standards for COVID-19 clinical care due to fluvoxamine’s safety and tolerability as well as its ease of use, low cost, and wide availability according to the researchers.

According to the experts, there should be more investigation into the potential benefits of the drug Prozac, also known as fluoxetine, which is both affordable and readily available.

A class impact must be determined, and if these drugs can be used interchangeably for COVID-19 must also be determined, the authors wrote in their article.

They admitted that the research was not perfect. The study was conducted in Brazil, and the hospitalization rate was higher than in other clinical studies, such as the Covid-19 study.

“Early treatment for COVID-19 does not presently have a standard of care. Many advocacy groups have pushed for a range of interventions, some of which have been studied in this and earlier trials. Because some patients with several risk factors recover rapidly, while other patients with less well-established risk factors may not recover at all from this condition, little is known about who has the most excellent chance of their disease progressing. “They wrote a message to each other.