According to the latest updates on COVID-19, it getting worse by transmitting the new variants, delta variant is being transmitted over the majority of people especially in the United States by clings in life. 

According to the news of Louisiana Hospitals, patients who are in intensive care are laid on their beds by marking their faces tight grip for the ravages and respirators of COVID-19. In almost every case the responsible factor is the delta variant only.

Louisiana Hospitals Felt Overwhelmed Due To Attack Of Delta Variants

This variant is much different from its previous forms and is known for its quick spread and impact on different organs in the human body. In many cases, it has spread in the body within a few hours of infection also.

Louisiana Hospitals Felt Overwhelmed Due To Attack Of Delta Variants

On this note, the delta variant cases are getting more contagious and soar within the medical units where many of the COVID patients are having critical conditions.  The worst thing is this scenario is continued for almost a week.

According to the cope of Southern United States, they are lifting the COVID restrictions quickly for creating a political conservative population to resist the national drive for vaccination.

Researchers say that “Louisiana Hospitals had hit a new wave of viruses by a daily average case of 5,800 where 50 percent of new cases are increased in the mid-Jan peak periods”.

Justin Fowlkes is the lead researcher and author of this study, he stated that “these COVID surges are not only seen in more patients but increased critical illness in patients”. but unfortunately, increased deaths are experienced with this surge.

According to this study, researchers say that “ICU (intensive care units) are having beds and got vacated”, but this entire process is under preparation for the new cases on the requirement of a respirator.

Researchers say that “ICU patients are over sedation where most of them are chemically paralyzed for keeping their body remained rest”. 

Reinforcements are created to support the people, Charles Abrams is the coordinator for critical care, he says that “patient’s body should remain rested” and “ventilator should be the main source for them”.

Nurses from the hospital are overwhelmed by the situations happening by the heavy transmissions of delta variants. One of the nurses says that “taking care of COVID patients had taken a toll over her family life”.

This study reminds the hardest times at home for everyone around the family, because your family doesn’t have an idea about your dealings and responsibilities. Nurses express their feelings that “these are very hard to explain them”.

According to the study, there is a sudden surge occurred by the new variant of virus cases, where Louisiana Hospitals reinstalled the indoor masking system and asked for federal help. Nearly, 150 doctors and nurses are following the strict responsibility.

Based on the survey conducted by Louisiana Hospitals, the residents of Louisiana are demanding the upticks with 38 percent who are fully vaccinated compared with the people nationwide with 51 percent.

Many of the people have remained unvaccinated, the federal government is warning them to get fully vaccinated and maintain a masking system for both vaccinated and unvaccinated people for safety crises. 

Many of the devasting moments had occurred within hospitals, 28-years woman is staring listlessly for her loved ones, a cute bouquet is laid down outside of her door with a mention “get well soon!” This incident had taken tears away from all the people in the hospital.

Abrams is the critical care coordinator, he stated that “hopefully this crisis moments end with happiness” and mentioned maintaining a masking system to kick off the delta variant and COVID-19.