Shopify allows you to design and manage an online store using simple yet effective features. According to Louis Cooke, Shopify provides a complete e-commerce solution, from selling your products to tracking your profits and maintaining everything else you want.

Here are the four main features that Shopify offers to cater to your business:

1. Storefront

Other than an attractive design, there are many essential features that your storefront needs to survive in the competitive market. Shopify experts have designed several themes that you can choose from to make your store attractive. You can modify each one of these designs to give your store a unique look. You can also customize your store to add features that you think will be beneficial to your business.

Louis says that all e-commerce templates are mobile-friendly, allowing you to run your business on any device. Shopify also gives you a blogging platform to publish information about your company and engage your customers, thereby improving your consumer network and brand image.

Additionally, you get access to CSS and HTML to help you modify different aspects of your store whenever you want.

2. Shopping Cart

There are several factors to consider when it comes to the shopping cart:

  • Security: Shopify protects every e-store using the 256-bit SSL certificate. You can, therefore, rest assured that your customers’ credit card information is secure.
  • Language: Language barriers may reduce your business if you’re selling internationally. Shopify gives you the option of translating your store theme into multiple languages.
  • Payment gateway: Shopify integrates with nearly 100 payment gateways giving your customers the freedom to choose their preferred ones for a smooth transaction.
  • Abandoned cart recovery option: Shopify offers you this fantastic feature that allows you to send promotional emails to your existing customers who may have left a cart without a purchase.

3. Marketing and SEO

As far as online sales are concerned, you cannot overlook the importance of marketing and Search Engine Optimization. Search Engine Optimization increases your store’s visibility so that customers can easily find you. 

Shopify ensures that you get higher exposure and traffic to your website. Shopify also generates sitemap.xml for your store, making a search engine understand your products, blog posts, and web pages, consequently increasing your search engine rankings.

Louis says that you need to consider promo coupons and discounts for your business from a marketing perspective. Giving discounts and offers to your loyal customers helps you retain them and improves your brand’s value.

4. Store management

Shopify gives you complete details about your customers and their preferences, making your store management process easy. This data makes it easy for you to arrange your products. 

Additionally, Shopify provides you with a feature for creating customer accounts according to their location, purchase history, etc. This helps you offer better services, encouraging your product’s sale and consequently increasing your profits. 

Shopify integrates your store with Linked In, Twitter, and Facebook to increase the sale of your products, and it is getting bigger. The features it offers are innumerable, and the opportunities for your business are limitless. 

Social media is no longer just a place for social interaction; it is a rising market for companies. Revolutionize your industry today by incorporating Shopify into your business model.