The fashion market is being revolutionized at a high speed. With the coronavirus’s appearance, people are unable to go for their usual shopping spree. They cannot enjoy the thrill of finding something new in the shopping mall that they just had to have. But people have turned to e-commerce to get their shopping done.

E-commerce is a way of shopping through the internet. With the advent of COVID-19 people turned to online malls to get their shopping done. E-commerce allows you to reach many people worldwide, and they can make their purchases anytime, anyplace, and anywhere. It has easy navigation, which makes check out easy, unlike shopping malls where you have to line up for checkout after walking all day to get your purchases. E-commerce has more business and volume than in previous years. However, with e-commerce, the thrill of shopping is lost. The excitement in shopping associated with finding something new, to try on, and buy is gone from the dull monotone selection of goods in online stores.

E-commerce is also very stressful, and you have to look for the right size after browsing through many pages and finally seeing something that caught your attention. Also, every brand has its online site, instead of having everything in the same site. You have to log in from a brand of sneakers to a brand of bags with the whole sign up process for each website. Sadly online shopping websites do not present the thrill during physical shopping when trying on the clothes. Just browse the available items and find one that grabs your attention.

A trending new model of online shopping is the mystery box. You buy a package of your favorite or preferred brand, and you get anything from that brand. You won’t know what the box could contain until you open it, which makes it very exciting. And this mystery box trend is wildly trending for shoes. Now, one of the best mystery box sites is Lootie. Lootie is a site where you buy mystery boxes and Where goods are packaged in boxes according to their brands or producers—providing excitement for the customers because you never know what you are going to get. Many people have gotten more than they asked for. There have been who found, iPhone, MacBook, PCs, etc in boxes that were supposed to be of a much lower value.

Lootie offers fashions, streetwear, and tech goods. All in one place. Amazing right? And Lootie’s goods are trustworthy, and they come from official and verified sources. The tech goods are bought straight from the manufacturer, and the fashion wears like shoes that weren’t, were tested by the state of the art verification facilities. Lootie is growing extremely fast among all the mystery box sites. With about one million users, it’s the fastest-growing e-commerce site with its users increasing on a day to day basis. It might be that its growth is because it gives hypebeast clothing mystery boxes at affordable rates. Allowing customers to afford the clothes they were otherwise unable to afford.
The days of not being able to afford a particular brand because of how expensive it is gone.

Lootie is among the few e-commerce sites that provide multiple brand goods on one platform and do that at an affordable rate. This is why Lootie is fast becoming the leading e-commerce platform out there. So the excitement of not knowing precisely what you are going to get but knowing you will at least get something good or something insanely expensive like an iPhone or Gucci wears has revived shopping excitement. This site has got good reviews from customers, and it has become a trend among YouTubers to use it as an unboxing on their channel. That is, they unbox their mystery box for the first time with their viewers. And it’s risk-free and reliable, since you are always guaranteed to get a product every time no matter what. When people think about hypewear, sneakers, and streetwear, the site that comes to mind is Lootie.

Sites like eBay that have everything in the same place also come with the risk of scammers and fraudsters who may send faulty or used products to the consumer. Because there is nobody to regulate and authenticate the product, users are usually scammed on these online sites making their trust in e-commerce wane, which makes Lootie with its reliable and authentic products more awesome. Because it revives customers’ trust in the online stores, and allows it to boom with both sides benefiting. The users and the online store.

Not only is Lootie exciting for consumers, it also helps the merchants: by letting them figure out what the consumers demands are, such as Apple mystery box and Hypebeast mystery box. These two products get more demand as a result of the mystery box hype. Lootie helps both users and merchants and its goods are more focused on hypebeast, sneakers, and streetwear.