Many schools in northern China have been placed on lockdown, and other precautions as health authorities fear an outbreak has spread after the discovery of over a hundred coronavirus infections across 11 provinces only one week earlier.

“Numerous distributed minor outbreaks throughout China are expanding swiftly,” an NHC official stated at a press briefing on Sunday. As a result, the illness has a higher chance of spreading widely.

Lockdowns Have Been Implemented In 11 Chinese Provinces After Covid

More than one billion Chinese citizens have gotten a whole dose of measles vaccination, yet the illness is spreading swiftly, according to Mi’s estimates.

There are much fewer instances of the latest epidemic in China than in Singapore or the United Kingdom, for example. A strong zero-Covid policy has been imposed in China to prevent sickness epidemics due to the virus’s rapid propagation.

Lockdowns Have Been Implemented In 11 Chinese Provinces After Covid

On October 16, a group of Shanghai-based seniors who had all received the necessary vaccines happened to be traveling across various northern provinces at the time and came upon the epidemic. According to Mi, an NHC health officer, as of Sunday, 106 of the 133 illnesses had been traced to 13 different tour companies.

An estimated one-third of China is infected, with the majority of cases occurring in Inner Mongolia (including Gansu), Ningxia (including Guizhou), and Beijing. Organizing cross-province visits in some places is against the rules, according to the authorities.

If you’re visiting Beijing from anywhere where coronavirus outbreaks have been documented, you’ll need to submit a negative coronavirus test and be monitored for 14 days.

According to statistics compiled by CNN from the Beijing Municipal Health Commission, there have been 12 new cases in the city in the last three days alone. Significant Covid outbreak is the last thing that Chinese politicians want as they prepare for the Winter Olympics in February of 2022.

In September, President Xi Jinping is expected to be re-elected to a third term at the party’s congress when Chinese Communist Party officials will assemble in the capital for their annual convention.

As a result of their violations of Covid guidelines, Beijing police have already criminally imprisoned six Chinese citizens. In spite of their fevers after returning from an Inner Mongolian tourist site afflicted with Covid, two of them went out to eat and invited friends over for mahjong despite their sickness. Two additional persons managed to elude the gated community’s security guards. In addition, the city has rescheduled its previously planned marathon for October 31. The new date for the event will be announced soon.

In other regions, Covid’s reaction has been far wider and harsher. All residents and visitors to Ejin Banner, a renowned tourist site in Inner Mongolia’s Ejin Province, were prohibited from leaving their houses or hotel rooms on Monday after an uptick in cases reported on Sunday. According to the state-run Global Times, the city allegedly penalized six officials harshly following the incident, including the head of the local health commission. After the current outbreak, government officials have been criticized for their “slack reaction” and “inept management” after the recent outbreak.