The community transmission of the new omicron variant might take place in the upcoming days as warned by the medical experts. 

No Lockdown In Los Angeles At Present

The US Federal Government has also stated that the administration is not looking forward to the lockdown in the country due to much-protected vaccines being widely available. 

No Lockdown In Los Angeles At Present

California was the first state where the initial omicron variant case was detected in fully vaccinated citizens and since then the state has been under the radar of the new strain.

The infection rate is increasing at an alarming rate in California and the government has tightened the belts to safeguard their citizens from the omicron variant. 

The Los Angeles administration thinks that the lockdown is not required at this point of time in the country despite the omicron variant taking a hold of the people gradually.

As per the health officials and the medical experts, the state has the appropriate tools to fight against the variant and its infection. The use of two-dose vaccines and booster shots is considered effective enough to deal with the severity of infection.

According to the Governor of California Gavin Newsom has made it compulsory for the healthcare workers and other staff to get vaccinated and receive booster shots in order to boost their immunity and become less vulnerable to infection.

Being working as frontline warriors, the healthcare staff is expected to stay protected and healthy so that they can save the lives of other people as well as theirs due to their direct contact with the infected patients. 

Keeping in mind the winter surge and the wave in the month of January, this mandate was very important and the Governor said on Tuesday more information will be shared during a press conference on Wednesday. 

The State administration has been keeping an eye to ensure that the strategies are adopted wisely and what new can be done to ensure the proper functioning of the state. 

It was the state of California that was against the vaccine mandate for the employees and healthcare workers. But after the authorization from the supreme court in the US, the states are now forced to implement the rule at the earliest.

The Governor also stated that it will be very stressful for the general public to again shift to the conditions where people were locked up for months in their houses.

The businesses have lost millions and now with the wide availability of vaccines and booster shots the lockdown is not necessary and our focus will be on the development of new techniques to curb the new cases in the upcoming days after the Christmas and New Year Holidays. 

According to Dr. Anthony Fauci, the unvaccinated population seems to be more at risk of catching the new infection and spreading it. There are high chances that the cases may increase but the lack of vaccination could lead to the formation of much worse situations.

 The safety measures need to be strong at this time and the health guidelines laid down by the state have to be followed strictly.