As the countdown to Ramadan begins, Yaqeen Institute wants to help you prepare in every way we can. That means we want to get your heart, mind, and soul prepared for Ramadan throughout the day with daily reminds.

Once you sign-up on the Yaqeen Institutes website, you will be sent an email that gives you tips on how to pick and stick to your goals throughout Ramadan, every day leading up to and throughout Ramadan as well as videos based on whichever track you choose.

Yaqeen Institute offers three tracks:

Prayers Of The Pious with Sh. Omar Suleiman

In this track, Muslims can learn the righteous’s personal pleas and prayers that will teach them how to call upon the Lord as they once did. This track will show you how to cultivate your love for God and his messenger while living a life with contentment and gratitude. It is a fantastic track for those looking for wisdom and advice for their soul.

The Faith Revival With Sh. Omar Suleiman

This faith revival track includes 30 supplications, hadiths, verses, and saying on how to renew, revive, protect, and strengthen your faith. Omar Suleiman will guide you on the path to reviving and protecting your personal faith.

Allah Loves With Sh. Omar Suleiman

On this track, you learn that being loved by God is one of the greatest gifts of faith. You will explore who and what Allah loves so that we can then become those who are beloved to him. Omar Suleiman will explain our actions, characteristics, and beliefs.

The Right Track For All Muslims

When you get started with Ramadan-ready, you will be asked to provide your email, first, and last name. Then you will be asked which of the Ramadan series you would like to receive as your daily email. You can pick from Faith Revival, Prayers Of The Pious, Allah Loves, or all three. By receiving these daily emails, you will experience the incredible content that Yaqeen Insitute puts out daily with Omar Suleiman’s guidance.

Goals For Ramadan

The Prophet Muhammad said the best good deeds are those that you can do consistently. Yaqeen Institute recommends picking one to two goals to try and maintain throughout Ramadan. It’s important to remember that you should always focus on a new goal and not a goal you have already achieved. 

Some of the suggested goals are:

  • Fast all Ramadan
  • Pray all 5 Prayers on time
  • Pray Sunnah Prayers
  • Pray Taraweeh
  • Read Quran Daily (any amount of time)
  • Break a Bad Habit
  • Increase Your Knowledge Of Islam

By picking one or two of these goals, you will be able to have a successful Ramadan. Remember, it’s essential to stay up to date with the emails sent to your inbox from Yaqeen Institute. The advice and video content sent to you will help keep you on track all throughout Ramadan.