Florida, His campaign against federal coronavirus vaccine rules, didn’t have as much success this week from state lawmakers, who seemed to be split on the subject. Democratic lawmakers derided the three-day special session of the Republican-controlled state legislature in Florida as “political theatre.” Still, it gave Republican Governor Ron DeSantis ample ammunition to use against President Joe Biden’s push to get the country’s workforce immunized against the flu.

Legislators In Florida Have Submitted Proposals To Governor

Florida’s House and Senate passed a package of four anti-Covid-19 vaccine measures, with the majority of votes coming from the Republican and Democratic parties. Florida will become the first state to impose penalties on businesses that require their workers to obtain the Covid-19 vaccination as a condition of employment after DeSantis signs the measure, which is expected to happen within the next few days.

Legislators In Florida Have Submitted Proposals To  Ron DeSantis

As soon as he took office, DeSantis, who has been mentioned as a presidential contender, declared victory. Scott is eager to approve legislation that will protect their jobs and those of Floridians who have been wrongfully fired because of excessive rules,” he said. It was slated for a vote in the Senate Wednesday afternoon, so Senate Republican leader Kevin McCarthy rushed to Twitter with his thoughts. While DeSantis first proposed a special session last month, he didn’t note that the final package was drastically different from what he had initially supported. In response to Biden’s directive, DeSantis demanded a broad moratorium on vaccine requirements and threatened to remove state protections against coronavirus-related lawsuits from firms that had complied.

Medical or religious exemption, proof of natural immunity, or agreement to frequent Covid-19 testing are all acceptable ways for businesses to require vaccination as a condition of employment. This is not a ban on enforcing regulations. It passed the Florida House 78 to 39 and the state Senate 24 to 14 favor the measure. On Wednesday, the Sunshine State approved four vaccine-related regulations in a short period, including this one. It’s a costly choice for many businesses and the vast majority of healthcare providers in Florida: either follow the new vaccination policies and advice from public health experts put forth by Vice President Biden’s administration or side with Florida’s government and risk federal financial penalties.

Employers would still be permitted to provide testing instead of injections under the Biden administration. Still, it’s not clear whether federal testing requirements are more demanding than Florida’s, which allow for more regular testing. Democrats made many adjustments in the days and hours leading up to the vote to protect persons with health conditions from working in firms that do not need vaccinations. Republicans voted against the amendments. Even still, the law was sent to DeSantis’ desk without any changes since Republicans had a short deadline.

According to Democrats, Florida residents’ health and safety have been sacrificed to support DeSantis’ political goals. In response to Texas Gov. Greg Abbot signing an executive order preventing anybody from requiring the Covid-19 immunization, DeSantis called lawmakers back to Tallahassee. They imposed a fine of up to $1,000 on anybody who violated the order’s restriction.