What makes PayCertify stand out from others in the industry?

A lot of FinTech companies start by tweaking someone else’s business model to base their own on. For PayCertify, I started with a model that was entirely my own and built my company from there. That’s what makes us stand out. I’m not afraid to take risks and forge my own path to take us to success.

What’s been your biggest challenge in building PayCertify?

Learning to manage people the way they want and need to be managed. When I know what I want, I execute quickly. But not everyone functions that way. Some people want to take time to process before acting. They need their questions answered and their concerns addressed. I get that. I had to grow my sense of empathy and understand what they needed so that I could manage them successfully. I think that’s part of the journey of being a CEO. You have to get out of your comfort zone and lead your team the way they need to be led.

How do you define success?

Selling for over $10B. Stripe was just valued at over $115B, and we’re working in a very similar space. With a valuation of $280M right now, I think we’ll be able to sell for $10B by 2023, which is my goal.

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