In response to President JairBolsonaro’s handling of the coronavirus epidemic, a Brazilian legislative commission is expected to propose that the President be charged with mass murder, as per a leaked draught government report obtained on Tuesday.

Bolsonaro, as well as other government officials, are accused of enabling the deadly coronavirus to spread across the population with the aim of attaining herd immunity, according to a draught extract obtained by Brasil Media from a congressional inquiry.

The Leaked Covid-19 Study Asks For The Indictment Of JairBolsonaro

The Covid-19 virus has claimed the lives of over 600,000 individuals in Brazil, which has the second-highest number of deaths in the world behind the United States due to the virus.

Extracted portions of the study indicate that the Bolsonaro administration’s actions are responsible for more than half of the fatalities and that the President should be charged with murder. The investigation is ongoing.

The Leaked Covid-19 Study Asks For The Indictment Of JairBolsonaro

However, portions of the draught document may be altered or revised before it is officially presented. According to one extract, the government’s “reckless” response to the epidemic exposed Brazilians to “a real danger of mass infection.” The claimed “intention to immunize the populace via natural contamination” is highlighted in another instance.

“By acting in this manner, the national govt, that had a legal obligation to intervene, consented to the deaths of Brazilians,” the report claims.

In addition, the draught report suggests that 69 additional individuals be charged with crimes, including 3 of Bolsonaro’s sons and a slew of former and present government officials.

It is anticipated that the final, almost 1,200-page paper will be formally debated in the Brazilian Senate next Wednesday, according to the Brazilian Senate Pandemic Congressional Inquiry (CPI), which released the information.

When CNN reached out to Bolsonaro’s office for comment, there was no immediate response. He has already accused the inquiry investigating his pandemic response of being politically motivated. The President is up for reelection this year and has repeatedly questioned the investigation.

Bolsonaro accuses the CPI of disregarding other accusations of corruption throughout Brazil in order to concentrate on him and his administration in a statement released in July. “They want to put me on trial for genocide. Now, tell me, in which nation has people not died in recent history. This CPI does not have any legitimacy, “Bolsonaro made the statement.

He also said at the time that he was “sad for the deceased, but those who were in good health had a low risk of death.

” Bolsonaro has consistently minimized the severity of the illness and claimed that Brazil’s economic health should take precedence above all other considerations. In 2020, he tested positive for Covid-19, which was the first time he had tested positive.

The CPI’s months-long parliamentary investigation of the Brazilian govt’s Covid-19 reaction started in May and will continue through the end of the year.

Using evidence from former senior health officials, notably Luiz Henrique Mandetta and Eduardo Pazuello, former Health Ministers, the investigation has unearthed bombshell allegations of suspected corruption, including inflated vaccine procurement costs.

In his testimony, Mondetta also said that the government was aware from the beginning that their support of the medicines chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine was based on shaky scientific evidence. Earlier this spring, the CPI heard testimony indicating “the government was informed it was providing chloroquine with no scientific basis.”