As the influence of social media grows, an increasing number of women are aspiring to become models. Despite being competitive, it’s possible to rise through the ranks in this field and find success with professional clients and agencies. Jocelyn Wedow is one of the most sought-after models in the industry right now, but it took her some time to find her place.

Jocelyn grew up in Ontario, Canada, and she initially wanted to enter the medical field after she graduated from high school. She wanted to pursue a degree in Psychology or Dermatology from the University of Toronto, but her life changed when Nick Bateman scouted her. She was all of 20 then! “It threw a complete monkey wrench in my plans,” Wedow said.

“I’d never seen modeling as the career for me. I had to decide whether I was open to the opportunity that was being presented to me or not.” Ultimately, she decided to dip her toes in and give modeling a try. Soon after, CW Management and Elite Model Management signed her. She was quickly chosen for modeling jobs for swimwear and clothing advertisements. She has appeared in a few magazine editorials. Jocelyn’s most momentous moment in her modeling career was being featured in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. “I felt like I had made it. I never imagined I’d come this far.” Jocelyn’s career continues to grow over time, and she can’t wait to see what’s next on the horizon.

Wedow has other talents as well. She was recently cast in her debut film Summit Fever, which is about a man who is trying to climb a trio of dangerous mountains. It is a leading role, and she can’t wait to get on the set and begin filming. “I love acting. I might pursue it above modeling. Getting to portray a range of emotions on screen is something I can’t wait to do professionally.” Despite her many successes, Jocelyn still attends college at The New School in New York, working on a degree in Architectural Design. “I have plenty of passions, and I don’t think it is fair to expect me to choose just one. Maybe I am meant to do several different things in my life.”