This young lad has chosen unconventional ways in career to make himself a lucrative businessman.

When you already have a high-income earning job that pays you a whopping 80K salary and still choose to carve your own path to become a businessman, there are some major grit and courage lessons that people can learn from an individual like this. And, this indeed is a lesson that many youngsters can learn from Farhaz Kheraj from Atlanta, Georgia. This 26 year old businessman is standing strong at the peak of his career still under 30 and has a lot of promise to grow even more as an entrepreneur with his sports consulting firm.

Born on 18th of July, 1994, Farhaz already owns and works as the CEO of his company which is called TrustMySystem (TMS). This is a modern sports consulting firm that is taking all of America by storm with their outstanding customer services, modest packages in the industry and most importantly, 100% transparency. The motivation to start a business of his own in the field of sports consulting came from the multiple opportunities Kheraj realized in the industry. He also was aware of the various scams that take place by so called ‘professionals’ and ‘handicappers’. Hence, to offer people the most genuine service in sports gambling, he came up with TMS.

The journey of Kheraj, however, started with his was still a teenager and at the age of 16, he was the first one in Atlanta to buy, unlock and flip iPhones on Craigslist to earn some money out of it. As he completed his education from the University of Georgia majoring in Management Information Systems, in 2018, he joined Deloitte Consulting. It was here, he realized his passion and dream to become an entrepreneur and so he left this high-income earning job to start his business in sports consulting.

Kheraj also professes the idea and importance of the mindset of an individual. He says that mindset is everything and suggests other people that they must not spill out their ideas and concepts in front of anyone until they have achieved their goals. Having a positive mindset can take people to the highest peaks of their career, only if they know how to continuously focus on their work, stay away from negativity and keep learning each day to implement newer ideas in the business.

The fact that kept Kheraj always going on in his career and life is that he doesn’t believe in giving up ever. He never takes a “no” for an answer; he never gets discouraged by the setbacks in his life; in fact, he tries harder every time he fails. This gives him the courage to bounce back in life and gather the enthusiasm to keep working on himself and his business.

He says that even if people start small, it can boost the self-confidence of an individual, help them increase their focus and make them more enthusiastic to continue on their path towards success.