Music is supposed to make you feel good, connected and you can even find bits of your own life in the music that you listen to.Ahmad Rubani creates music that will not only make you feel good but also stir your emotions in such a way that you would be mesmerised by the lyrics as well as the beats. His main focus has been to make people feel a certain way, influence their mindset by his creative work. He started out pretty young because his father used to sing to him, this is one of the reasons why he has a special place in his heart for music.

Growing up, Ahmad had always wanted to be a singer and soon started to perform in events in the hopes of grabbing the perfect opportunity. However, he was involved in a lot of other charity events also which were not meant for income purposes. Just the thought that he can bring about a positive change in someone’s mind gave him enough satisfaction. No matter how big or small an event was, he never hesitated to perform because it was never about the number of people but about the quality of songs he puts forward. The crowd will enjoy it be it less or more in number.

For years, he has been singing for a wide range of audiences, be it a boomer or a millennial.All of them seem to absolutely love his work. Ahmad Rubani’s works are available on a wide range of platforms like Spotify and Apple music, you can also download his recent songs so that you can listen to them on repeat. Recently, his work has been so good that his reach has grown all across the world instead of just in his own continent. Being a growing artist, he makes music for everyone skipping from genre to genre. Ahmad’s goal has always been to become a worldwide artist. Although he has travelled to Holland, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, he wants to travel around the world and put forward his songs in front of people so that he can establish a connection between them and his music. The journey was very difficult and seemed unachievable at first, with determination and his amazing voice, his career boosted.

Commitment and belief is the key to success. At the moment, having the support of his friends and family is the biggest asset, it motivates him to keep working no matter how difficult situations get. Not a fan? Make sure to check out his recent song Nazara over YouTube, you won’t be disappointed, it already has a million views!