Khizer Ishtiaq, one of the most successful and youthful entrepreneurs from Pakistan, has been listed among the most prominent figures of his field emerged by the nation.

Since his childhood, he had a broader perspective of life as a teenager rather than just being grade-oriented during high school.

Being realistic rather than focusing on getting good grades, Khizer has always focused and determined his life goals and aimed business over the schooling system. He proved that degree is not always necessary to be a successful and well-known personality.

Khizer Ishtiaq is one of the most strong-willed and prosperous entrepreneurs from all over Pakistan and created his success story all by himself.

 His expertise, colossal knowledge in various fields, maturity, and eagerness to participate in multiple endeavors over all these years brought him results- and he set up one of the most successful and acclaimed digital marketing agencies called ‘Zerteck Digital‘ in Pakistan.

Zerteck Digital is a Marketing Agency is a prolific and visionary marketing agency that administers unique and complete solutions for all possible digital marketing needs and demands of clients and customers from all over Pakistan. Zerteck Digital provides digital marketing, web development or design and branding solutions to different foreign firms/companies.

Zerteck Digital, under his leadership, aimed at achieving customer gratification primarily and earning profit secondarily. Khizer helped his agency achieve great heights and brought out a cut-throat competition to the other agencies in Pakistan, eventually reaching the top of the pyramid.

Khizer’s father has been his pillar of strength throughout his journey and the most muscular support system supervising him and encouraging him till the first day.

Khizer’s hard work has brought him this far; furthermore, he aspires to develop into one of the most successful entrepreneurs throughout the world to get to know his story, background, and where he started and obtain motivation from his journey.