With constrained chance to experience Filipino nourishment and culture in Madison, the Philippine-American Assocation brought a Kamayan Feast at World of Beer on Sunday.

Kamayan is basic in the Philippines, as per Flo Anicete.

“Kamayan, eat with your hands, right? And back home, when I was growing up, we used to do this, and I miss it so much. I miss it soo much,” Anicete said.

Aryll Munsayac said the Filipino culture is tied in with sharing and uniting others.

“Filipino culture is very loving. We are very, you know we embrace everything, right? That is very natural around the table at a home,” Munsayac said.

Munsayac said that feeling was available Sunday.

“It means a lot, especially for my family, because we are Filipino, so being able to bring our culture and introduce it to Madison where you really can’t find it means a ton,” Munsayac said.

Universe of Beer said they are keen on facilitating more occasions like this one and adding Filipino food to the menu.

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