Turning to spirituality and embracing the feminine divine have proved to be life-changing for a lot of people. Spirituality is personal and unique and can aid us through hectic times in our lives. It can help us define our purpose and lead us towards living more fulfilling lives. Best-selling author, divine feminine leader, and ordained oracle Kaia Ra knows a lot about this journey and has always helped guide others towards their spirituality for years.

Author of The Sophia Code and Oracle for The Sophia Dragon Tribe, Kaia teaches others how to live in their divine sovereignty. “We all have a purpose in this life, and finding that purpose is about plugging into who we are and connecting with the spiritual world,” explains Kaia. “We aren’t here to just serve ourselves. We are here to serve a higher purpose.”

K​aia’s personal story is one of survival. An early life shattered by child rape and trafficking, atrocities, and near-death experiences, Kaia turned to her relationship with spirituality, aligning herself with her body and taking her orders from a higher realm. “For me, surviving trauma was the first step towards taking control of my sovereignty and creating a ministry that empowers survivors,” says Kaia. “With this focus on healing, we look towards divine feminine intervention releasing human potential.”

This would eventually become the premise for The Sophia Code, challenging belief systems, and elevating consciousness, promoting unconditional love and acceptance. Kaia is not out to claim that The Sophia Code is the only pathway above all. What resonates with her is sharing thelearning that is a living transmission and a sacred text as an avenue for claiming sovereign divinity. This is what makes Kaia a trusted oracle. Her ability to see opportunity in a rigid, cold, and challenging world.

“We all need love,” states Kaia. “Especially now, with all these planetary and social changes. It is the time where we should practice spiritual humbleness and open the realities of the multiverse.” Following this realization, Kaia has also worked with leaders, teachers, and advocates to prevent child trafficking. Kaia has created a life and ministry following an incredible calling unlocking the positivity of the universe, one survivor at a time.