Whether you are a business advisor, the lead of a Fortune 500 company, or simply someone who wants to rise to the next level, there’s a lot to learn from the world’s top-notch keynote speakers. The key messages from highly successful men and women across a broad spectrum of business, entertainment, and athletic sectors have the power to inspire anyone to craft corporate and personal strategies that bring a competitive advantage. Motivational speaker Joshua Jayaweera, better known as Jay Jay, is one such individual who’s worth drawing inspiration from to become a better leader.

Recognized as an international speaker, digital creator, TV host, and magician, Jay Jay’s combined experience in all of these fields span over a decade. His unique journey and a diversified work portfolio allow him to deliver strong, true, and thoughtful ideas. Transformed by his feats and already a veteran international speaker, Jay Jay is passionate about change management, teamwork, entrepreneurship, and leadership. His extraordinary journey so far – including hosting a YouTube channel with over 50 million views on his videos, amassing hundreds of thousands of followers on social media, and voyaging across 30 plus countries to host speeches – drives us to pause and ponder on his career choices and dreams. 

As someone who holds a deep desire to help brands grow online, motivate leaders to do more, and guide people to take the right path, Jay Jay spent most of his career since the start understanding and learning the functionalities of corporate companies, mainly Fortune 500 ones, in order to be able to host speaker sessions for their employees and other stakeholders. Having been associated with organizations like Coca Cola, McDonald’s, Audi, and Virgin among others, Jay Jay has had the chance to work closely with established entrepreneurs, world-renowned industrialists, and some of the finest spearheaders to accustom them to the significance of resilience and outlook needed to win at life.

His biggest strength, as a speaker, he believes, is to build genuine connections in the world of business. Jay Jay shares stories and experiences with his audiences as a successful entrepreneur, speaker, and coach to unleash potential and attain peak results. Speaking on what encourages him to do what he does, Jay Jay said, “I’ve always wished to be a mentor for those who choose to be an exception – and that’s what I’m doing now. I connect, engage, and understand people and their perspective and accordingly help them impact their own lives and those of others around them. And before, even when I juggled jobs, I always got the opportunity to meet new people, hear their stories, and inspire them to do more in the right direction!”

In the near future too, Jay Jay aims to teach people the principles of relentless drive, mental toughness, and, most importantly, results-driven performance.