Artificial Intelligence is a frequently discussed topic, especially when it comes to authors and futurists like Jason Hope. It’s on everyone’s minds, and it will undoubtedly play a vital role in developing work. To further explore the potential of AI, Jason, the futurology guru, will shed some light on its impact on the futurists’ activities and how everyone can prepare for its growth.

How Will AI Impact the Futurists’ Activities?

Hope sees the AI Futurists as a specifically designed human task force that can work with technical, economic, and health experts and scenario planners to outline possible events in this rapidly evolving age. He sees Futurists engaging with AI to help individuals and organizations effectively navigate new paths and mitigate risks in aspects of everyday life.

You may ask, why? Isn’t AI all about big data, smarter decisions, and work patterns?

According to Jason Hope, it is not enough because AI and data can’t make effective decisions independently. By partnering with human experts and relevant data, the purpose-built AI could add a substantial competitive edge to the business at all levels.

Future Work

Jason Hope On The Future of Work

It is generally believed that AI will have a massive impact on employment and will replace jobs on all levels, including the front-liners, when it comes to the future of work. Jason, however, does not believe that this will lead to mass unemployment. Neither does he think that the current imbalanced scenario of AI and non-AI jobs will persist. The guru firmly believes that there will be significant employment growth as more people will adjust to the futurist attitude and learn to work with artificial intelligence.

He says that AI is here to stay, and the world needs to pay more attention to it to make full use of its potential. The futurists will be the first to benefit from AI’s impact, but it is about time that everyone starts evolving on the same scale.

Step into the Future

In the words of Jason Hope, “Artificial intelligence has already been used to accelerate the search for a cure to different ailments. At the moment, when the entire globe has been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, AI technology has come forward as a powerful tool in the search for a suitable form of treatment.

The machines have established that they can quickly solve some of the most complex biological puzzles rapidly than human experts. As a result, the healthcare sector is focusing more on dedicating a large number of resources to AI drug discovery.”

Similar results can be achieved with AI in other facets of life. It’s just the next step in society’s progression. Gas street lamps are a thing of the past, and the world is better off because we’ve moved on to light bulbs – led bulbs, in fact. As Hope says, every time we acquire new technology, we get smarter. He says it is up to us to decide which jobs to keep and which ones to be replaced by AI. And that it is more a management responsibility than a technology function to make this decision. Assisting the management sector will be a job that Futurists can look for as a positive impact of AI.

Jason Hope

Jason Hope’s Takeaway

Jason Hope believes that AI has the power to shape the future of work and life, and most futurists would agree; it’s something to be thrilled about, not something to be afraid of. Having intelligent discussions and combining our skills can lay a solid foundation for a future of work that is full of AI.

The key is to use an AI Futurist’s perception as a clever partner in directing a deeper understanding of AI to fast-track the progress. Futurists must leverage the opportunities that AI offers and help people take their work to the next level.

In short, AI is already shaping the futurist’s activities and it is an excellent opportunity for organizations and individuals. They can partner with them and expand their skill sets and prevent AI from replacing them. There was a time when people used to take maps to navigate their way across the country or go to libraries for their research. Google, computers, and smartphones, all technologies have just made everyone smarter and more productive. In the same way, according to Jason Hope, futurists can help everyone grow along with AI.