As well as claiming revenge against nursing home personnel who spoke out about unsafe circumstances, Amnesty International has asked for an independent parliamentary probe into the deaths associated with the COVID-19 infection in Italian nursing homes. Amnesty International spoke with 34 healthcare workers, union representatives, and legal specialists in reaching their findings. In a statement issued on Friday, Amnesty International said that “a third of the workers raised concerns about a climate of fear and retaliation” at their workplace.

Italian Nursing Facilities Are The Subject Of A Covid-19 Investigation

While nursing homes were a major cause of COVID-19 deaths in Italy, the United States, Canada, and others, prosecutors in dozens of countries have begun criminal investigations to see whether the deaths might have been prevented.

Italian Nursing Facilities Are The Subject Of A Covid-19 Investigation

Face masks and hospital beds were among the initial need for a country that had been the first to be hit by the virus in Western Europe: Italy. Lombardy had been the worst hit. Therefore this was particularly true there. Many elderly inhabitants of care homes in Lombardy were not even transported to the hospital during the first wave of the epidemic since the institution had no capacity to receive them. Additionally, according to Amnesty International, nursing home personnel who complained about unsafe working circumstances, such as a lack of safety equipment or who raised other safety concerns, were disciplined.

Authorities in Italy began looking into the Trivulzio home when La Grassa and a few other doctors and staff members raised to worry about the large number of deaths that were occurring early in the outbreak. The inquiry is still underway. Some employees claim that management forbade the wearing of masks out of concern about scaring the residents. The company’s management denied this accusation. According to the news agency, prosecutors in Milan have decided to end their Trivulzio investigation without charging anybody. Milanese court rules La Grassa should be reinstated in his prior job in December 2020.

It’s hard to know how many people died since senior care facility residents weren’t tested early in the pandemic, and potential COVID-19 deaths aren’t included in Italy’s official death toll. According to the Superior Institute of Health, at least 9,154 people died in nursing homes in Italy between February and May of 2020. However, the study was based on incomplete answers to a voluntary survey of a fourth of the country’s about 4,600 nursing institutions.

It’s a respite to the public that parliamentarians decided in July to limit the scope of the pandemic’s parliamentary inquiry to just look into events leading up to January 30, 2020, when the government announced a state of emergency and banned flights to and from China. Because the first locally transmitted case was only found in northern Lombardy at the end of February, the Italian investigation would not look at the true pandemic in Italy or how it was managed there.

Only a week ago, family members of those who died started a petition on asking Parliament to bring back to its original scope a probe of the outbreak’s causes in this nation and the government’s and WHO’s attempts at containment.