On Tuesday, Israel’s top panel of medical experts recommended the administration of the fourth dose of the Covid-19 vaccine for people of ages 60 and older and health workers. People with a compromised immune system are also eligible for this shot.

Israelis Of Age 60 & Over, Medical Workers be Ready For 4th Dose

Israel Prime Minister Naftali Bennett gave a thumbs-up for this decision of second booster Covid-19 dose. The world will welcome this approach and this will help all in getting through the Omicron wave, he said, on Wednesday.

Israelis Of Age 60 & Over, Medical Workers be Ready For 4th Dose

The Prime Minister also said that the first booster dose of the Covid-19 vaccine was first received by the Israel citizens and then by the rest of the countries, and now, they are continuing to pioneer with the second booster dose of vaccine as well.

He insisted everyone who meets the criteria set by the panel, get vaccinated and take responsibility for the health and livelihoods of all of us. 

Once the Health Ministry panel releases clear guidelines on the fourth shot, the decision will get approval from the Ministry’s director-general, Nachman Ash.

When deciding on the third dose the panel had data, but for the fourth dose, they really don’t have any data yet, but also the currently available data out there in the rest of the world is very scary, the panel member Professor Galia Rahav said. In this kind of situation, one has to act immediately if they don’t want to miss the train, she added.

Eligible people will get a fourth shot, after passing at least four months duration from the day when they received their third dose of vaccine.

Until a person has not received the third dose of vaccine will not be considered as fully vaccinated in Israel, once they are eligible.

Israel recorded 1,300 cases of Covid-19 on Monday, the highest number since October.

Out of Israel’s 9.4 million population, 62% have received the first two doses of the vaccine, according to the ministry. 

Most of the citizens in Israel who are vaccinated have received the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine.

The country reported at least 340 known cases of Omicron variant on Tuesday. The Health Ministry confirmed the country’s first death due to Omicron on the same day. As per the hospital statements, the patient was already suffering from a variety of serious pre-existing health issues. The patient was 60 years old and died on Monday, two weeks after he was admitted to the Covid-19 ward.

This week, including the United States, the country has already expanded its travel restrictions to high-risk countries like Canada, Germany, Italy, and Turkey, to try to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

The country has issued restrictions on public gatherings and eating in shopping malls. Instructed children in communities with an increased number of cases and low vaccination rates should learn from home. Also encouraged remote work to reduce office attendance by 50% for public sector employees. In areas where at least 70% of children have received at least one dose of vaccine are allowed in school for in-person classes. Classes with lower vaccination rates among the children will be taught online.

Due to this Omicron wave, it is a necessity to prepare for the eventuality of 5,000 new cases per day, Defense Minister Benny Gantz said. 

Early study shows that vaccines’ ability to counteract the virus diminish with time after the third dose, said Professor Enrico Bucci at Temple University, Philadelphia.

As per Dr. Fauci’s statement, it is a little early to discuss the fourth dose of vaccine. If the duration of protection by the third dose is more than the first two doses, the world can go for a significant period without having the necessity for the fourth dose.