Several healthcare institutions throughout the nation have taken the choice to temporarily delay elective operations due to the large number of COVID-19 hospitalizations that have occurred recently. Hospitals in Iowa have become the most recent to restrict operations in order to cope with COVID-19. According to the Cedar Falls Gazette, UnityPoint Health-St. Luke’s Hospital & Mercy Medical Center are working to maintain their capacity.

Iowa Hospitals To Restrict Operations In Response To COVID Outbreaks

Following the lead of other states that have taken steps to restrict elective operations in recent weeks, the hospitals’ choices are not surprising. Due to a high volume of COVID-19 cases in Portland, Oregon, hospitals were forced to suspend non-emergency operations for two weeks later that month to avoid running out of space. Some hospitals in Ohio have also put a halt to operations that would necessitate overnight stays.

Indiana University Health authorities also stated at the end of August that they would be postponing half of the inpatient elective operations scheduled for that month. Starting later this month, a New York state hospital has elected to end maternity deliveries because of the resignations of employees owing to the need to vaccinate children. Five other organizations are also experiencing staffing shortages. It is the desire of Lewis County Hospital Chief Executive Officer Gerald Cayer that the (state) Department of Health would cooperate with us in order to pause the service rather than shut down the maternity department. 

Iowa Hospitals To Restrict Operations In Response To COVID Outbreaks

COVID takes the lives of two California parents within weeks of each other. Five kids, including a newborn, have indeed been left without both parents after the deaths of a Southern California nurse with COVID-19 complications 2 weeks ago, followed by her husband. He died of the illness on Thursday, leaving five children without both parents. Two days apart, Daniel Macias and his wife, Davy Macias, were both hospitalized in critical care units at the same hospital. Davy Macias passed away eight days after the birth of his son. According to family members, neither parent had the opportunity to meet their child.

It is important to me that they be aware of what they’re cherished. In addition, we want children to be mindful as to how much their parents care about them.”She did not get vaccinated, according to her family, because she was apprehensive about getting the vaccination while she was pregnant.

‘Ask it or go to the grave:’ Georgia college professors will begin protesting

This Monday, at least 16 schools spanning 19 campuses in Georgia will begin a week-long protest with the aim of pushing the administration to impose mask and vaccination requirements on students. In their view, the demonstration does not constitute a work stoppage; strikes are banned in Georgia, and members would be fired if they participated. In several parts of the nation, protests and rallies are taking place, especially in the South, wherein COVID-19 is raging as well as hospital intensive care units are nearing capacity. Professors at the University of Tennessee demonstrated in Knoxville last week. At the same time, faculty at the University of South Carolina started a media campaign on Sept. 7 to call attention to the issue.