Keyvan is born in Iran, Tehran., Keyvan is an Iranian singer/vocalist. He is Inspired by the number of Iranian pop and classical singers and musicians such as Shajarian, Nazeri, Kalhor, Ebi, Farhad, Aref and, many international musicians and singers such as Phil Collins, Elton John, Michael Jackson, Adele,…Keyvan left Iran back in the year 2000. He lives in California, with his wife, Shadi, and daughters, Ava and Melody. Keyvan started learning Iranian classical music when he was 7 years old. He plays piano and setar. He recently started producing pop and fusion music and officially released many of his successful singles such as “Az Koja Amadi” and “Ferferi” on major international platforms. Pop in English Pop is one of the major genres of music that emerged today in the mid-fifties in the United States and the United Kingdom. The term pop or pop music is often used interchangeably, and in the former definition, any type of music could include different styles and be popular with the general public or popular. It should be noted that until the late sixties, pop and rock music were widely used interchangeably, and after this time, there were obvious differences between the two styles. Pop was largely involved in various styles of rock, country, jazz, blues, etc., but gradually became a separate style over time.

How much do you believe in the existence of a market in our country?

Have you ever considered producing a work?

This market will definitely hurt readers and companies. Advertising is appropriate in other countries, we do not have the right advertising, and of course, illegal sales in our country is a permanent and unsolvable point.

You are a pop singer, what is your relationship with traditional music and the position of the country?

I like traditional music and I listen to it a lot. And in the current singers, I consider Mr. Eftekhari’s voice to be a good one. Of course, I myself have never been a traditional singer.

The future of pop music?

Like other people, I had many opportunities, and maybe I did not use many of them, maybe one of these opportunities was to leave Iran, but I am very happy to stay and I am satisfied with the situation I have today.