You can discover what model of iPhone you have by heading off to the Settings application.

Fresher iPhones will mention to you what model they are out and out, while more established iPhones will just give you the model number, which you’ll need to gaze upward.

To locate the model number, tap the code close to “Model Number.”

Since 2007, Apple has delivered more than two dozen models of the iPhone. In the event that you’ve had yours for some time, you may have overlooked which model you even have.

That is not an issue, however, on the grounds that it’s anything but difficult to discover in your iPhone’s Settings application.

The most effective method to discover what model iPhone you have

1. Start the Settings application and afterward tap “General.”

2. Tap “About.”

3. On the off chance that your iPhone is running iOS 12.2 or later, you should see the model name recorded on the third line.

In the event that you have a more established iPhone that can’t move up to iOS 12.2, you’ll need to do somewhat more sleuthing. You won’t see a section for the model name, however you will have a model number.

In any case, don’t simply believe the code recorded close to “model number.” For reasons unknown, Apple doesn’t really list the model number naturally — that is the SKU code, which won’t help you here.

Rather, tap that SKU code, and it’ll be supplanted by your genuine model number. This is a shorter code that begins with an “A.” This is the model number of your iPhone, and you can undoubtedly go through this to look your model name.

Understanding iPhone model numbers

Utilizing the model number from Settings, you can discover which iPhone model you have. Apple depicts each model name and number on its help pages.