Instagram has been playing with like counts for several years now. In about six countries, the platform has been doing a test where it hides like counts altogether. Presently Instagram is giving clients the choice to customize how counts work in a new test.

The latest test is going on universally for small group of Instagram users. Rather than removing like counts when viewing others’ posts as it did in the testing that started in 2019, those piece of the new test will get three choices: “choosing not to see like counts on anyone’s posts, turning them off for their own posts, or keeping the original experience.”

The objective of the first test was to have “your followers focus on the photos and videos you share, not how many likes they get.” At the time, Instagram likewise noticed that while early criticism on removing likes was positive, “this is a fundamental change to Instagram, and so we’re continuing our test to learn more from our global community.”

In those days, Instagram likewise acknowledged that like counts were a significant piece for some creators and brands advertising on the stage so that was essential for the thought with the entirety of this.

The new test makes sense in light of all of that as it gives clients all out authority over like counts with the three options. Instagram hasn’t shared more subtleties on the test for the time being.

Is it accurate to say that you are seeing the new like count controls appear for your account? Let us know in the comments below!