Instagram declared on Monday that is currently feasible for a client to add pronouns to their profile.

This feature has been for some time mentioned for clients, and it’s a method to make it simpler to address somebody by their characterized pronoun.

Instagram said this new field is available in a few countries, with plans for additional later on. Some they associates in the US and the UK as of now have had the option to add this to their Instagram profiles. The social network says the feautre is accessible in Canada and Australia also.

With this feature on, you can amount to four pronouns to your Instagram profile, which you would then be able to decide to display publicly or just to your supporters. The social network says clients under 18 may have the option to show their pronouns to their followers.

In the event that this feature isn’t accessible in your country or specifically for you, it’s feasible to round out a structure to have a pronoun added.

Adding pronouns to the client’s profile is now accessible in other applications, as OkCupid, Lyft, and even Facebook, albeit the Facebook app limits the options to just he/him, she/her, and they/them.

Concerning now, Instagram actually doens’t have any public plans to roll out this feature to more countries.