The demand for the booster shot was very high in the USA and with the passage of time, it became necessary to take certain steps to curb the increasing number of cases amongst adults of 18 years and above. 

Despite Insignificant Data & Analysis, Fauci Denied The Need For Booster

The vaccine mandate rule for the health care workers and private employees was badly criticized and the Biden Administration saw a critical backlash against the rule in more than 25 states. 

Dr. Fauci Denied The Need For Booster

Some medical researchers were even against the Federal Government’s decision to approve booster shots for all adults as they think it will have negative side effects and advocated natural immunity over booster vaccine immunity.

On the other hand, the ever-rising cases in the USA amongst people above 18 years had become a major risk factor. Dr. Fauci stated that unvaccinated people are a major threat to all the vaccinated citizens in the state and in the past few weeks there has been a rise in the hospitalization and date rate among the unvaccinated people. 

In the USA till now approximately 60 million people are yet to get fully vaccinated and some citizens have not even received the initial dose of vaccination. 

The major states like New Texas, Colorado, West Virginia, California saw a significant rise in the Covid 19 cases, especially amongst the non-vaccinated people. These states already passed the rule even before the federal government, which allowed all the adults from 18 and above age to get their booster shot according to the need and requirements. 

Only a small part of the USA has received the booster shot and there are certain sections that are asking for another booster shot in the future if necessary. 

When asked about the need for another booster shot at a White House briefing, Dr. Fauci “answered and said “he has no answer related to an extra booster shot. He said we don’t have enough data and results to analyze the need for booster shots after every 6 months and if the demand arises due to unavoidable circumstances we will surely look at the issue and take a decision accordingly. 

The White House Covid 19 response coordinator briefed that we are already taking care of such issues and the booster shots are easily accessible at more than 80,000 locations in the entire country. As per data, around 36 percent of American citizens have got their booster vaccine shot.

Earlier only adults of 65 years and above age were allowed to receive the booster shots and after FDA and CDC approval all adults of 18 years and above are now eligible to receive the booster shot and they have to determine the need for the booster shots. 

The winters and holiday season is near and it has been judged that people will throw big parties for Christmas and there will be a huge outbreak of delta variant in the states. To curb this every medical agency in the country is working together and encouraging the adults who are eligible to receive their booster shots soon and keep themselves safe and intact.