There is a continuous surge in the covid 19 cases in the United States and it has become a matter of concern for the medical authorities to curb.

As per the latest data presented by The White House covid 19 response coordinator the country has seen a more than 45 percent increase in the Covid 19 infections.

The Infection Rate Has Increased By More Than 40 Percent In The USA

The average per day cases in the United States have crossed 93,000 and giving the federal and state medical agencies sleepless nights to reduce the infection.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the Cheif Medical Adviser to Central Government insisted all American citizens get vaccinated to enjoy thanksgiving day with their family and beloved friends.

The Infection Rate Has Increased By More Than 40 Percent In The USA

He also said that to boost your immunity vaccination is the only alternative and there is no other reason if you are planning not to get vaccinated. 

Fauci said that we are providing each and every people of America with the vaccination, booster shots. The FDA has nodded yes to the vaccination of kids from 5-11 years of age as they were more prone to the deadly delta variant virus. 

Thanksgiving day is one of the most loved festive and people love to gather to seize the day with memories and happiness. Those who are not vaccinated have become a threat to the vaccinated people. The medical agencies are worried about the gatherings on Thanksgiving day as people will meet without masks and it will help the virus to gain more power and spread at a very fast rate.

On Monday, Pfizer shared the results achieved from the third phase trial of their vaccination for the age group between 12-15 years.

The hospitalization rate is increasing in the country and medical experts have shown their concern about a huge increase in covid 19 cases in the country. Many different states are continuously seeing a rise in the cases and strict action is required to curb the cases before the Christmas holidays.

As per the latest reports and data shared by the American Academy of Perdiraitic, there is a shocking rise in the number of cases amongst kids which is 142,000 which 40 percent increase as compared to the previous month. The hospitalization rate also increased by 6%. 

As per reports almost around 32 states are facing a rise in covid 19 cases and with the winter season is arriving, the virus travels faster and it is a major risk for the people who are yet to receive their initial dose of vaccine.

Many states are facing a shortage of beds and medical staff and this is creating a more problem for the hospitals to manage the increasing severe cases amongst the unvaccinated. 

Some data from the CDC show approximately 60 million people are unvaccinated and 90 percent of the cases are from the unvaccinated people in the US. It is a wise decision to get vaccinated to enjoy the festive season with your family without a mask with complete protection.