When it comes to matters like atmosphere, tipping, or parking, Van Harvieux isn’t worried. At his restaurant, every customer is seated at the wheel of a car. No one arrives, no one sits down, and no messes are left on the tables for him to clean up.

In Spite Of The Epidemic, Drive-Thru Windows Continue To Thrive

All sorts of restaurants in Minnesota have been devastated by the plague. In contrast, drive-through windows provide a significant competitive advantage. However, according to the Pioneer Press, drive-thru restaurants have continued to flourish even though many sit-down eateries have closed down.

In Spite Of The Epidemic, Drive-Thru Windows Continue To Thrive

Drive-thru eateries, including fast-food chains and coffee shops, have been booming in recent years. Before COVID-19, Minneapolis established a ban on new drive-through businesses, which has contributed to the rise of drive-thru eateries in Minneapolis. According to Liz Rammer, CEO of the restaurant trade organization Hospitality Minnesota, that milestone may have been reached too quickly.

According to QSR Magazine, between 2019 and 2020, full-service restaurants in the United States are expected to drop by 30 percent. When comparing March 2020 to March 2019, however, the New York Times found a 30% rise in the usage of fast-food drive-throughs. Rammer claims that COVID’s impact on the restaurant industry has divided the industry. “Right now, it’s a mixed bag,” she said.

Additionally, supply chain disruptions, rising food prices, and labor shortages are having an effect on foodservice businesses, as are ongoing worries about the use of face masks. Half of all restaurants in Minnesota were unable to pay their rent in November of this year. He claims that you don’t have to go very far in the world to see a great deal of pain.

In contrast, drive-thru restaurants aren’t as much hit. Several corporations are experimenting with concepts that eliminate the need for customers to dine in-store altogether.

There will be four lanes of traffic at the new Taco Bell Defy in Brooklyn Center, which will open in the summer of 2019. A kitchen on the second level will deliver orders to customers on the first floor via a small elevator.

Caribou Coffee’s Cottage Grove branch will open this month as a drive-thru-only shop. Caribou Cabin, the smaller building, will have no indoor seating. There are currently 17 drive-thru restaurants in Woodbury.

A Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers restaurant will be built on a Craft Beer & Kitchen site, while a Starbucks has been planned for the site of a Famous Dave’s.

Drive-thru eateries are welcomed in Woodbury, unlike Minneapolis. Eric Searles, a senior city planner, doesn’t see them as a threat to sit-down restaurants. It’s clear that both are necessary. Differentiated needs are cited by Searles.

According to Searles, drive-throughs benefit a whole neighborhood. Harvieux, the owner of Mudslingers, seemed to be in good spirits on November 18th. The two drive-up windows were filled to capacity, and he was having a great time churning out cups of coffee as fast as his 2 baristas could make them. He said there was a long queue that stretched from the parking lot to the road on the weekends.