Sarvenaz Sharifi, born in 1984 architect and interior designer of more than 5o luxury and modern construction projects in Iran, Qatar, USA and Canada, she is the CEO of Abroj sustainable structure construction and Design company for the past 10 years. She was invited to tead at the Islamic university in Tehran in 2019.

“in architecture you become a genius when you want to be curious”, part of Sarvenaz sharifi talk about architectural intelligence.

Always be curious, be curious in the field of architecture. Let architecture be for you to look at everything through that lens. About Cinema I told you to look through the lens of architecture and litemiture. One of my interns who was looking for a research topic said that my Professor is very interested in literature … but what does literature I engineer, have to do with architecture?

We can do some resarches on literature and architecture.

You really think it has something to do with? architecture is very interdisciplinary. It has visual arts of all kinds of sculpture. Does it have painting? Okay? I told it, the word engineer in our ancient literature. Do you know? I said, “yes” watch music.

Michelle ** main mission of the movie Michelle Passirot I want you all to See the mission is impossible. What is your mission as an architect? What is our mission? improving the quality of human life. This is exactly what we do not do respect and understand this, but you Can do it yourself. I always say that the future is in the past. Know this, the future of everything. Even in mathematics, be careful. It is more in the past. Yes, our past is like Abu Rihan al-Biruni, Abu Ali Sina, who is the founder of medical Science and may be many believe in doctorates right now that we should refer to them and search for the treatment of current diseases.

In the past, do not copy but search in the post the traffic light in any field in any arts. The traffic light in the past, never understi mates this, at least understand what they wanted to say at least maybe we expressed that meaning in a different way to day. The language changes. Mosul architecture is dynamic. It is quite like literature. It means that now we are Persian. We speak Persian in science 100 years ago they do not understand what we are.

Saying It’s okay now? So architecture is dynamics. Like language, but at least we can let’s I understand what message the past conveyed to us. When we entered the sheikh LotfoAlah mosque how does it feel for us to repair that feeling with modern tools? Create your own signature it does not look like anyone else. These signatures are in your designs and, let me tell you something else your personal signature has both the meaning of signature here, first of all, what you write at the bottom of the contracts or under your ***) and also means your signature in the design.

The first is signature (what you write at the bottom of the Contracts or under your name) and the meaning of your signature in the design (the second means signature which means both the first and second. we are different from everyone okay?

So if you find yourself, find your personal signature is not something that reaches us from the outside, it is completely internal and inside you will be signed with self. Knowledge and finding yourself, so the main concern of signature is the cause that will be the cause of sell-knowledge