To start singing, you must first prepare yourself physically and mentally. A good singer, when he starts singing, must put all his problems behind him and prepare his mind calmly to start his work. A singer must also be physically strong and Be experienced. Must and should not follow dietary requirements so that his body can function better.


To become a singer and start singing, a good voice is not the only criterion. You should learn more techniques about singing. Of course, a good voice is one of the main things to become a singer, but knowing the techniques and death of music is also necessary for everyone. In each field, he must expand his knowledge in order to provide the ground for his success.

The main steps and simple but effective tips to start practicing singing at home

To be a good and attentive singer, you must first pay attention to your family, let them hear your voice, and ask them to tell you your problems. You must do the following exercises:

     Relax your vocal cord chords before you start reading

    Do not force yourself to read with high notes

    Drink plenty of lukewarm drinks

    Practice deep breathing

    Define the right time to practice breathing while singing

    Modify and test

    Enjoy your reading (bag with yourself)


    Start reading fan or soft and light:

This type of start has a quiet sound and on the other hand can help the reader to control the air volume. Choir leaders often use a fan start during the song to avoid possible tensions.

    Start reading hard and hard

Starting high-pressure reading is a method that begins with a vowel (like in Iran) that is performed in an exaggerated way. In this case, first the vocal cords are completely closed and compressed, and then gradually come out of this state.

    Start reading harmoniously or balancedly

This method of starting in singing is a combination of the previous two methods and somewhere between the two. In the first case, the vocal cords were opened before singing and then closed, while in the second case, the vocal cords were closed before singing.

Strategies for progress in music

    Having an interest

    Putting aside unrealistic fantasies

    Play the right song

I think the most important thing that can make a person successful is to be interested in what he is doing. If a person is interested in what he is doing, he will certainly accept all the difficulties along the way to succeed.

A student will be more successful if he first pays attention to the meaning of the poems, is aware of the weight of the poem, knows its poetic style, knows his poet, makes sure that the poem is written correctly, knows the ins and outs of the poem, and the poem It should be for him to speak his own language and speak with it. In addition, he should not read from the text during the lesson because it makes the mind lazy and distracts him.