Imam Omar Suleiman’s series begins with the introduction of Haritha Ibn Suraqa. Haritha was a young man who was attached to his mother. Unfortunately, Haritha was hit by a stray arrow when accompanying the prophets and died. When his mother heard that her son had died, she went to the prophet and asked what has happened to her son? Is he in paradise? If he is in paradise, she will patiently wait to reunite with him. If he is not, then she will cry more and more and more.

The prophet explains that Jannah is not a single Jannah, it is multiple levels. The prophet explains that her son has reached the highest level of Jannah.

Imam Omar Suleiman explains that we all know what happens to loved ones we have that pass away. We wonder if they have reached Jannah and if our loved one has died as a shaheed? He explains that everyone has this level of uncertainty. This is why we all want to have a dream of them to know that they are ok. Whether or not they are a shaheed or simply a believer.

The Categories Of Shaheed

  1. The one who dies of diseases
  2. The one who dies of drowning
  3. The one who dies by a fire
  4. The one who dies of pleurisy
  5. The one who dies of a stomach disease
  6. A woman who dies in the process of childbirth
  7. The one who dies to protect their property
  8. The one who dies defending their lives
  9. The one who dies from a falling structure

Imam goes on to explain that the designations at the time of these categories are different. For example, what is translated as pleurisy or inflammation around the lungs could be considered a heart attack today. The stomach disease could mean anything internal, not specifically the stomach disease.

A woman who passes away during the act of childbirth is in a state of jihad. While a woman is delivering or pregnant and giving birth is the closest that a person will be pushed to death is during pregnancy. If she passes during childbirth, she is a martyr.

If someone dies protecting their family or property, they are also a shaheed or a martyr. The same goes for someone who is defending their lives.

He also explains although a person who dies from being crushed by a structure typically means a building has fallen on them, it can also mean a car accident—the act of being crushed by any struct.

How Can I Cope With The Loss Of A Loved One Due To Covid?

You can rest easy knowing that your loved one who has passed from covid-19 is a shaeed. “Whoever asks Allah for martyrdom with truthfulness in his heart, Allah will give them the station of martyrdom even if they die in their bed.” It is not about the outcome of the body, it is about the sincerity of asking Allah for that station, and that station can be gained in their bed. We hope that Allah gives our loved that rank, and we hope that gives us that rank when we die.

We understand the immense level of grief many people are facing, but hopefully, knowing your loved ones have passed as a shaheed helps you rest easy.