According to the most widely used forecasting model in the country, the United States is expected to see approximately 100,000 additional COVID-19 fatalities between now and December 1.

If The United States Does Not Change Its Ways, There Will Be Another 100,000 Covid Deaths

However, health experts believe that if almost everyone in public places donned a mask, the toll might be reduced by half. In other words, what the corona virus has in store for us this autumn is entirely dependent on our actions.

If The United States Does Not Change Its Ways, There Will Be Another 100,000 Covid Deaths

Behavior is going to be critical in determining if, when, and how stably the present wave subsides. This was said by the head of the University of TexasCOVID-19 Modeling Consortium, Lauren Ancel Meyers, who also happens to be the professor of oceanography. Despite the fact that we cannot halt delta in its tracks, we may alter our behavior overnight. For example, using masks again, limiting social events, keeping at home while ill, and being vaccinated are all important precautions. We have complete control over those circumstances, Meyers said. 

It is believed that the highly contagious delta variant is responsible for the fourth wave of infection that has swept through the United States this summer. The outbreak has flooded medical facilities, burned-out nurses, and wiped out months of progress against the virus that had been made in the previous three waves.

Deaths are averaging more than 1,100 a day on average, resetting the clock to the middle of March. According to one prominent model developed by the University of Washington, an additional 98,000 Americans would die by the beginning of December, for a total of almost 730,000 deaths in the United States. According to the estimate, the number of fatalities would climb to nearly 1,400 per day by the middle of September, then begin to decrease gradually. However, according to the model, many of those fatalities might be avoided if Americans changed their behavior. 

The United States is beginning to take the danger more seriously, as shown by recent events. While there was widespread concern over the delta variant in recent weeks, a decline in demand for COVID-19 injections began to reverse course. Over the last month, the number of vaccines administered each day has increased by about 80%, reaching an average of around 900,000.

According to Jeff Zients, the White House COVID-19 coordinator, “more individuals received their first shots in the last month than in the previous two months combined” in Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Mississippi, according to a statement released Tuesday. In addition, millions of children are being forced to wear masks to school every day. Pfizer’s vaccine has gained widespread acceptance after it was given final clearance by the federal government earlier this week. An increasing number of companies require their employees to receive the vaccination. According to city officials, people who wish to dine at a restaurant in places such as New York and New Orleans must also be vaccinated.

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the survey, new polling data from the Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research shows that half of the American employees support vaccination mandates at their places of work. Early indications indicate that changes in behavior are already flattening the curve in a few areas where the virus was very active this summer. In Mississippi, Florida, Louisiana, and Arkansas, according to an Associated Press study, the pace of new cases is decreasing. These are the same areas where the number of first shots is on the increase. Pleas from hospitals and a commotion about masks in schools in Florida may have influenced some people to take further measures. However, the alarming trends continue to be seen in Georgia, Kentucky, South Carolina, Tennessee, West Virginia, and Wyoming, where the number of new infections continues to increase at an alarming rate.