Stock market investing has become really popular on social media since the start of the pandemic because many people are bored at home. For tips on what stocks to buy, many turn to social media influencers who showcase stocks that they like. Tiger Dorriz is one such influencer who highlights his favorite stocks via his TikTok page. Here, we will inform you about him including his net worth, biography, facts and much more.

Biography and facts of Tiger Dorriz

Tiger Dorriz is an entrepreneur, social media influencer, stock picker, and Youtuber from the United States. He was born on March 25th, 2002 and now he is known for his stock picks & analysis. His favorite stocks are in the electric vehicle & technology sector.

Before he focused on stock market content, Tiger ran multiple e-commerce websites under his parent company Magic E-Commerce. His most popular brands include ​Inseam Szn​, ​Never Forget George Floyd​, & ​Kameleon Swim.​ According to their public 2020 tax report, Magic E-Commerce generated over $500,000 in revenue that year with over 50% of their revenue coming from the 2nd quarter alone. As of February 2021, the company is still active and Tiger still runs it on the side.

His first video on TikTok was posted June 2nd, 2020, showcasing how he had generated over $30,000 in sales on his e-commerce website in the month of May. Since then, he has transitioned to posting videos on the stock market. His best stock market picks on his page

include Stitch Fix, Kaleyra, Beam Global, & Blink Charging. As of his last video, his portfolio is up over 100% in the last 12 months.

Tiger was involved in controversy regarding a July 2020 video he posted about the Black Lives Matter movement. In the video, Tiger encouraged viewers to sell face masks with the BLM logo on them. Many viewers found this video offensive, as he was encouraging others to pretend that they were the Black Lives Matter Organization.

In January 2021, Tiger was a beneficiary of the GameStop stock rampage. According to Vents Magazine, he cashed out over $100,000 before the stock came back down to Earth.

From some sources, it is told that his mother is a dentist & his father is unemployed. According to a video on his TikTok page, his parents kicked him out after he informed them that he was interested in pursuing a career in marketing. It is unknown if he still communicates with them as of February 2021.

A fact that you may not know is that Tiger used to create college football edits & designs. His Twitter has numerous tweets & retweets of work he made for both recruits & coaches in early 2020, before his e-commerce stores took off. It is unknown whether he did this as part of a job or internship, independently, or for profit.

Tiger Dorriz Educational Background

According to his Instagram profile, Tiger currently attends the University of Washington. It is believed that he graduated high school in 2020 and began making online content after his graduation.

Tiger Dorriz Religion

Tiger Dorriz is a Christian and has frequently worn a chain with a gold cross in videos.

Tiger Dorriz Zodiac Sign

Tiger Dorriz is an Aries as he was born March 25, 2002.

Tiger Dorriz Birth Place

Tiger Dorriz was born in Calabasas, CA, USA. He currently resides in Seattle, WA, USA.

Tiger Dorriz Height

If you wonder about his height, his height is 6 feet and 2 inches. In centimeters, it is about 188 cm and in meters it is about 1.88 m.

Tiger Dorriz Weight

His weight is 84 kg or about 185.19 lbs.

Tiger Dorriz Birth Date

Tiger Dorriz was born on March 25, 2002. He is 18 years old.

Tiger Dorriz Net Worth

He has a huge net worth because Tiger earns from affiliate marketing, investments, and his businesses. Tiger Dorrizes net worth is approximately $450K as of February 2021.

Tiger Dorriz Marital Status

Tiger Dorriz is currently not married. It is not known who he is dating.

Frequently Asked Questions
Where is the birthplace of Tiger Dorriz?

The birthplace of Tiger Dorriz is Calabasas, California.

What are the hobbies of Tiger Dorriz?

Tiger enjoys swimming, kayaking, traveling, partying, etc.

What is the height of Tiger Dorriz?

Tiger is 6 foot 2 inches.

What is the net worth of Tiger Dorriz?

His net worth is $450K US dollars (As of February 2021).

That’s all about Tiger Dorrizes age, height, weight and biography. We hope this information will provide clear concepts about him.