In the past three months alone, Purpprxmi has released fire projects, and single that have hit charts in more than a dozen countries won Breakthrough Songwriter of the Year at the APRA Awards in Sydney. This weekend, he’s ready to make his debut.

And that’s all before his 18th birthday. Purpprxmi, born Rami Wehbi in Pasadena, is one of the fastest-rising music stars in the world. Just a few years ago, he and his mother were couch-surfing and struggling to make ends meet. Now, he’s living and has accrued more than a billion streams across music platforms. Through his social media savviness, openness about mental health issues, genre fluidity, and global reach, he’s practically the epitome of what a young music star looks like in 2021.

For many of them, Purpprxmi writes to support others or to express hid feelings and thoughts. Now Purpprxmi and Levi Desantis can be congratulated on the first large-scale video he shot for his song “Intimate.”