Shopify is an eCommerce site, that provides budding digital store owners with a platform to get their store up and running. It provides its clients with a range of facilities, such as marketing and analytical tools, unique templates, domain purchase options, et cetera, and thereby facilitates the development of truly multi-dimensional online stores.

Average Shopify Store Revenue Explained!

One of the main things that sellers look for while picking a platform for their online store is how much it is going to pay off, that is, a forecast of how much income they will be able to generate through the set up of their store via the platform.

Average Shopify Store Revenue

So, if you have been mulling over whether or not to make use of Shopify, then here are some details of the average store incomes, to help you get started

Some Stats Regarding The Average Income 

If you fall into the category of cream of Shopify stores, then you’re earning per customer can go anywhere up to $226, however, the ones in the lower brackets can earn at least $33 per customer. An average would reveal that Shopify stores can make at least $72 per customer. Considering that the number of customers in the USA alone stands at 1.6 million, these numbers are quite impressive. Further calculations taken from the benchmarks released by Shopify reveal that on average, a Shopify store can make a minimum of $3,897 on a monthly basis. 

Average Income Based On Geographical Boundaries 

While most averages are taken based on the sales in the US, the per-customer revenue may also depend on which nationality your store operates from. In the United Kingdom, Shopify stores can generate a revenue of 12,500 pounds on a monthly basis, which is a lucrative number considering the fact that this income is not taxable. Shopify stores based out of Scotland can generate a per-customer revenue of about $72, and that is an average figure. 

Australia forms one of the top countries in which Shopify merchants earn the most, which means that sellers selling in this country, earn a very hefty amount on their monthly sales. New Zealand is a fairly profitable place for Shopify stores too, with an average monthly income of about $3,897. In Canada, a Shopify store can be expected to make at least 6,583 Canadian Dollars on a monthly basis, and in South Africa, the number also stands at $3,897. German Shopify stores can make a whopping 6000 pounds per month as well, which just goes to show how much of an international impact Shopify has. 


On an average basis, Shopify stores make quite a lump sum amount, so if you have been on the fence about making use of this platform, then you should definitely consider going for it. Provided you know the ins and outs of Shopify, along with a plan devised specifically to make use of its features in an optimum manner, you can bring your store to the top few and generate a good stream of revenue, just like the plethora of sellers worldwide, who are earning a very impressive income through their Shopify store.