The buying and selling of goods and services online using devices like mobiles and laptops are called eCommerce. Ecommerce attracts many business owners because of a variety of factors and advantages that it has to offer.

Useful Strategies To Increase Organic Search In Ecommerce Sites

One of these many benefits includes the fact that running an eCommerce store allows you to reach a significantly larger audience than owning a brick-and-mortar store. However, it isn’t always easy to reach this audience.

Useful Strategies To Increase Organic Search In Ecommerce Sites

You either have to spend a considerable amount of money on various forms of advertising or work on methods that will increase your search organically. Organic search basically means reaching your potential customers through ways other than paid advertising.

Let us see some ways to increase organic search:

  • Content Is King

You might have heard of the famous phrase that ‘content is king’. It is because that is true. The best way of increasing your organic search is by putting out relevant content regularly. One of the most popular ways of doing this is to have a dedicated blog for your business. Make sure you create content that is interesting, relevant, and informative. You could use a combination of text, images, and videos to create good quality content that people enjoy. The more consistent you are with the content, the more people will find you on the internet organically.

  • SEO

You should know that just creating impressive content isn’t enough. To bring people to your content you have to make it search engine optimized. This means you have to incorporate relevant and trending keywords according to your niche and topic that are spread out evenly in the headings as well as the body of the content. It is through the right use of appropriate keywords that you will rank higher up on search engine result pages; making it easier for potential customers to find you and your business. Along with keywords, tags play an imperative role in increasing organic searches as well. 

  • Have A Shorter URL

It has been shown through various studies and surveys that websites that have shorter URLs, say around 60 to 70 characters, tend to perform better in terms of natural search. So take a cue and try keeping your URL as short as possible to increase your organic searches and drive more traffic to your website.

  • Design Your Website Well

How your website performs with the existing traffic also plays a part in how well it ranks on search engine pages. If your bounce rate is higher, that is, if a majority of people tend to leave your website as soon as they reach it, your rank will keep dropping on the search engine results page. This will decrease your natural/organic search significantly. So make sure your landing pages especially are well designed to keep the traffic engaged and interested and urge them to explore more on the website instead of bouncing off. Similarly, ensure that it is user-friendly and has no technical errors. The easier it is for people to navigate and shop, the more likely they are to continue exploring.


Ecommerce is a great way of creating a large customer base but you need to know how to reach your potential customers. While it is widely known that you can pay for advertising your business, there are other ways as well that would increase your organic searches. The best way to accomplish this is through regularly creating and uploading engaging and informative content. Make sure that the content is search engine optimized. Keep the URLs to your eCommerce store as short as you can. Also, pay close attention to the structure and design of your website, the more user-friendly it is, the more your chances of organic searches increase.