What exactly does a digital entrepreneur do ?

A digital entrepreneur decides to use his profile and the community he has created on social networks to monetize the time he spends online through digital activity. It is a relatively new but still relatively unknown job that in the 21st century, especially after a year of lockdown, with all the problems and difficulties that came up, can turn many people’s professional and economic fortunes upside down.

What kind of books you can suggest to read related to digital entrepreneurship ? 

I love everything related to personal growth because when you no longer have a boss who tells you what to do, you need to learn to self-motivate. Good examples are “GOAL MAPPING” by Brian Mayne, “QUELLO FORTE SEI TU” by Gian Luigi Sarzano and “IL POTERE DEL CERVELLO QUANTICO” by Italo Pentimalli and JLMarshall. The books on Communication were also beneficial, such as “NO MATTER WHAT!” and “THE LAW OF DETERMINATION” by Lisa Nichols.Some evergreens to develop a good mindset are not to be missed, like the books by Robert Kiyosaki or Tony Robbins or John Maxwell or Napoleon Hill.

How you can describe yourself as a digital entrepreneur ?

I work mainly as a Networker, meaning that I have decided to collaborate with only one company in the wellness and beauty sector, of which I share the products and create a sales network.nBut mainly, working as a Social Media Coach, i.e. I teach all the girls who join my community how to enhance, grow, and monetize their profile thanks to this job or their current passion/activity.

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