Fashion Nova is one of the most promising fashion brands of our time. In less than a decade, it has grown to become one of the biggest fast fashion brands, providing pieces of the highest quality at the most affordable prices.

Many people wonder how Fashion Nova has been able to beat many luxury brands that have been around for decades to become the most searched fashion brand on Google in 2018 and one of the biggest fashion brands on Instagram.

One of the reasons for this is its competitive and attractive price points.

Let’s take a look at how Fashion Nova’s pricing was able to make it the best in such a short time.

Fashion Nova’s Attractive Price Points and its Effects on the Brand

Gen Z consumers are one of the major groups of people who shop on e-commerce sites. Various studies have been carried out on this group, and here is what’s been found:

–          They shop frequently (almost every week).

–          They want technology that makes things easier for them.

–          They want a personalized shopping experience.

–          They prefer quality and will not hesitate to return terrible products.

–          They want the best, but for affordable prices.

Gen-Zers are the social media savvy people born after 1995. They want to make an impression in everything they do – from their dressing outside to the pictures they post on social media. These things must be near-perfect, if not perfect.

They do not want to wear the same clothes to the club in consecutive weeks, so they have to shop every week. Some of them get up to 100 or more new fashion products in a year.

You may be wondering:

‘How are they able to afford all the things they are shopping for?’

‘How are they always active online and looking for new things to buy?’

We all know there are wealthy Gen-Zers, but they do not make up the majority of the population. So, where are they able to get the money that fuels the lifestyle?

The answer is simple.

Various brands help them maintain this lifestyle. One of those brands is Fashion Nova.

Fashion Nova, an ultra-fast fashion brand that made its debut in 2013, has become the go-to brand for everything fashion among the Gen-Zers. There’s almost no millennial you’ll meet that doesn’t know Fashion Nova. Even if they don’t shop with them, they know someone who does.

Before Fashion Nova went online, it was a physical stall in the LA mall where they sold affordable clubwear to ladies.

The brand stuck with affordability even as it made its big break in the fashion industry. On the Fashion Nova site, you will find a pair of jeans for as little at $40, shoes priced between $30 and $55, and dresses between $28 and $40. You will even find products at much lower prices.

Now you know why Gen-Zers are always online and ready to shop.

By using brands like Fashion Nova, they can keep changing their wardrobe for so little. They never have to repeat the same clothes twice, and they can get so many pieces to create a fresh style.

Millennials are not the only ones shopping Fashion Nova. Because of the affordable pricing, they have become a brand that most people in the middle-class go to.

Not everyone is ready to spend their money on luxury fashion items. Once in a while, they might decide to get one or two Louis Vuitton bags or shoes, but many would rather change their wardrobe by shopping Fashion Nova.

How is Fashion Nova Keeping the Brand Alive despite the Affordable Pricing?

One thing you might be wondering about is:

How come Fashion Nova has not crashed yet if all its items are so inexpensive?

1.      Novelty

Fashion Nova doesn’t stop getting thousands of people to buy new clothes every day because they never stop manufacturing new clothes. They have over 1,000 fashion designers making their clothes around LA.

In a week, Fashion Nova releases between 600 and 900 new designs. The social media team scours the internet for trending pieces, and Fashion Nova’s design team produces these clothes in a day.

People always want to rock trending items, and they are more likely to do so when these items are as affordable as Fashion Nova makes them.

2.      Inclusivity

Although Fashion Nova produces affordable clothing, they wouldn’t have been able to tap into a large market if they weren’t inclusive.

By making pieces that plus-sized and curvy women are proud to wear, they increased their customer base even further. Some styles on Fashion Nova go up to 4X for the plus-sized ladies. These people will also hurry to purchase Fashion Nova items because of the price.

3.      Influencer Marketing

Fashion Nova takes its social media marketing game very seriously, and this has helped in putting the brand in front of more eyes. One of its social media marketing strategies is to team up with both big and small influencers by sending them free clothes or paying them to wear their designs. Some of these influencers include Kylie Jenner and Cardi B.

By seeing their favorite celebrities looking good on Fashion Nova pieces, more people shop these styles. Since the prices are very affordable, they do it without thinking twice.

Almost all Fashion Nova products retail at less than $50. As a result, there are more customers, and most of them buy at full price.